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How to better establish a foothold in the market for LED displays

by:Toponetech     2021-06-17
Now the LED display market is gradually being favored by the majority of users, and the number of large and small LED display manufacturers is gradually increasing. However, because each display manufacturer’s technology has high and low technologies, LED products of poor quality are affecting the market. development of. But in the end, only high-quality LED display manufacturers can gain a foothold in the market. So how can LED display products gain a foothold in the market? It is believed that there should be the following points: LED electronic display   1, point-by-point correction    The inherent defects of the LED display itself come from the difference in the brightness and chromaticity of L itself provided by the lamp manufacturer. Due to the flatness of the LED module plate, the flatness of the box assembly, and the dispersion of the ink color, the direction of the optical axis of the LED welding deviates from the normal direction of the display, especially the production process of the direct insertion of the LED optical axis. The uniformity will be Due to many influences, the uniformity of the touch display without calibration cannot reach the ideal level, and there is a significant gap in picture quality compared with other flat panel display technologies. The point-by-point correction technology allows users to reduce costs and greatly increase the uniformity of the display, significantly improving image quality. Before being applied to the factory, point-by-point calibration is a quality improvement method, which means that competitiveness is improved and profit margins are expanded. After being used for a period of time, point-by-point calibration can extend the eye-pleasing life of the LED display. Create more commercial value for users.  2, high-quality LED lamp beads   The reliability of LED lamp beads is to enable customers to maintain quality stability during use. The use of LED lamp beads is the first step of factory inspection. After the production has passed the visual inspection and electrical performance test, it is packaged and shipped. The other is the transportation and storage link. After transportation and storage, it can reach the touch display manufacturer. Then there is production and processing. The display manufacturer completes the processing of the LED display through boarding and welding, and finally the normal use link. During this whole process, the LED lamp beads must work reliably, and no dead lights can appear.   Finally, after the comprehensive cost-effectiveness of the LED electronic display, the pixel pitch is a crucial factor. Generally speaking, the dot pitch of LED display is not only closely related to the display clarity, viewing distance, and application of the screen, but it is also one of the important determinants of the price of the LED display. The smaller the dot pitch of the display, the natural price is relatively high. It is said that it will be higher, and the corresponding LED screen effect will be better. If the budget is sufficient, the editor believes that LED displays with smaller dot pitches should be chosen.
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