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How should the end customer test the product after receiving the tft LCD sample?

How should the end customer test the product after receiving the tft LCD sample?


Smart terminal products all have a core component, which is the tft LCD screen. When we select a smart terminal product, we will choose a suitable tft LCD screen. Generally, we will find a tft LCD screen manufacturer to take samples for testing. The final mass production can only be entered after the test of the whole machine is successful, and there is a long period during this period. Today, Top One Tech will share with you, how to test the tft LCD display sample after the industry end customer receives it?

10.1 inch PCAP touch screen

1. Confirm the dimensions of the tft LCD screen

First of all, check the appearance and structure of the whole machine after receiving the sample. This is the most basic. According to the drawings provided by the tft LCD display manufacturer, first use a vernier caliper to measure the real object to see if it meets the specifications. When measuring the overall size, the tolerance range will generally be marked, there is no problem as long as the dimension is within the tolerance range. If the size meets the requirements, you can first buckle it on the casing to see if it fits tightly. If there is a gap, the sealing performance of the whole machine is relatively poor.

2. Confirm the Pin definition of tft LCD screen

The second is to confirm whether the pin definition is wired to the specified position. The pin corner is directly connected to the main board, and can be connected to the main board to test whether it can be lit. If it is lit, there is no problem with the pin definition. If it cannot be lit, first rule out whether the pin definition is incorrect. Generally, tft LCD display manufacturers will give the corresponding drawings for confirmation.

32 inch PCAP touch screen

3. Debug tft LCD display

Generally, the tft LCD display with vertical screen, the tft LCD display manufacturer will provide the driver to drive it. If the touch screen needs to be programmed, and the tft LCD display manufacturer does not have a program to burn, you can ask the manufacturer to give you the program, and then give it to a colleague who debugs complex software for debugging, and debug it to a state where it can be displayed normally and can be touched smoothly.

4. Test the specific parameters of the tft LCD display

If qualified terminal manufacturers can test the measured data such as brightness, contrast, high and low temperature of the tft LCD screen by themselves, they can better understand the specific situation of the tft LCD screen. Generally, professional tft LCD manufacturers will do corresponding tests when the samples leave the factory, and give a complete test report.

When the industry end customer receives the tft LCD display sample, it can follow this step to carry out the debugging test. Selecting the appropriate tft LCD display screen and tft LCD display screen manufacturer will greatly save time and improve work efficiency.

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