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How should LED display manufacturers deal with price wars

by:Toponetech     2021-06-18
As an industry that has attracted much attention in the display industry in recent years, LED display screens have emerged in an endless stream of innovative LED display products, and many examples have proved the huge potential of the market. Since the LED display market broke out in 2017, there have been many excellent LED display engineering cases in the industry, and many LED display manufacturers have begun to focus on product innovation, and have successively launched many new products. There is no doubt that LED The display has a bright future as predicted by the majority of users. However, behind the development of LED display screens, some vulgar problems have begun to show up, and the price struggle between LED display screen manufacturers has become more and more fierce. How should manufacturers respond to the war on touch display prices? LED display price   Now the domestic market demand for LED displays is very large, but the market development efforts are still a bit lacking. Although the market potential is great, it still needs to be further improved. Also understand that as a sunrise industry, LED displays are not so easy to do. We all know that LED display engineering projects involve a wide range of areas, and many of them are aimed at the high-end market, so it also has higher requirements for all aspects of corporate company qualifications.   With the rapid development of cities in recent years, the market has continuously increased the light pollution of display products and the overall aesthetics of the construction environment. LED displays with high permeability and high aesthetics have gradually emerged. However, in the past two years of the LED display outbreak, more and more LED display manufacturers have stepped up their efforts one after another. More and more people and funds are turning to the field of display screens. Now the market competition is getting fiercer. There are also some opportunists who do not have enough product strength, so they only rely on low prices to win. This will greatly disrupt the market and cause many companies to fall The price of the melee!    There is no doubt that the LED display is definitely a major segmentation trend in the development of the display field in the future. Why can technology go faster than manufacturers in the same industry? Technology is a level, and it is also a huge advantage in market share.
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