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How multi-touch screen work

by:Toponetech     2020-08-11
Multipoint capacitance screen operation steps, operation, the controller has power flow to the drive line, so that each node with a given electric field is formed between wires. Then one column scan sensing line measuring the capacitance variation between the electrodes, thus achieve multipoint positioning. When a finger or touch media approaches, rapid sensing touch controller node capacitance with the conductor to change, and then confirm the location of the touch. This kind of a shaft through a set of AC signal to drive, and through the touch screen response by other shaft electrodes are measured. Users call this a 'cross type induction, can also be referred to as the projection type induction. Sensor coated on the X, Y axis ITO pattern, when the finger touch the surface of the touch screen, touch point at the bottom of the capacitance value according to the touch point of the system is increased, the sensor on the continuous scanning to detect the change of capacitance value, control chip calculates the touch point and returns to the processor.
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