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How much is a square meter led display

by:Toponetech     2021-04-21
Many customers often search for the price of LED display in Baidu, and want to know the price of LED display. In fact, they don’t know much about LED display. If you want to consult the manufacturer about LED display related matters, you need the LED display manufacturer to give To make an LED display quotation, you must first determine what kind of LED display you want, what the specific model is, and what are the main functions, so that the LED display manufacturer can give you a detailed LED display quotation based on these. The following is the photoelectric contact number of the LED display manufacturer: 0755-23574023 for you to answer. We need to know whether our touch display is used indoors or outdoors. If it is indoors, it is an indoor LED display. If it is outdoor, it is an outdoor LED display. The second is to determine the dot pitch of the LED display. The simple way is to make the LED display by yourself, how far away the nearest audience is from the screen. If it is 3M, then choose P3, if it is 4M, then choose P4. How much is a square LED display is closely related to the basic configuration of the LED screen, including LED lamp beads, chips, cabinet material, etc., and even related to the processing technology of in-line or surface mount. Generally, die-cast aluminum LED cabinets are more durable than sheet metal cabinets, but the price is correspondingly higher. At present, the most used outdoor P10 full-color display, the price range ranges from 3000-4500 yuan/square meter. Due to changes in market conditions, this is for reference only. Each LED display manufacturer's quotation will be different, and the quality and performance will be different. And there are cheaper ones, lower than 2000, but cheap products are generally not cost-effective, the quality is not guaranteed, the probability of problems is high, and the after-sales are difficult. Ju Caiping reminds you that when purchasing an LED display, you should not only consider the price, but should comprehensively consider the manufacturer's regularity, product usage, and environment. The factors that affect the price of LED display projects are as follows: 1. How much is the LED display screen per square meter? Large LED screen size: For example, if a customer customizes an outdoor LED display with a length of 8 meters and a width of 4 meters in the Jucai screen, the sales staff will choose P8 or P6 according to the size provided by the customer, and give a specific plan and price. 2. Raw materials: including LED lamp beads, lamp boards, and cabinets. 3. Control system: common lingering star rain. 4. Supporting equipment: computer, lightning arrester, audio, power amplifier, power distribution cabinet and air conditioner, etc. 5. Steel structure materials and installation: such as common wall-mounted and column-mounted installations. The construction price of the two is different, and the others include the selection of the frame structure. LED display project price u003d screen price * screen area + control system cost + frame structure cost + transportation and installation cost + power distribution system cost including power cord data line + steel frame and civil engineering costs + taxes, etc.! How much is the touch display screen per square meter? Choose a well-known full-color display manufacturer. Optoelectronics Tel: 0755-23574023 is a domestic supplier of cost-effective LED full-color display applications and solutions. Provide high-quality, high-performance LED display wholesale and large-scale full-color display solutions, currently mainly divided into LED full-color display and LED unit board wholesale, LED full-color display module spot supply industry is first-class, welcome Consult and negotiate! How much does an LED display cost per square meter? How much does an LED electronic display cost per square meter? When asking about the price of the LED display, let's first figure out what factors affect the price of the touch display: 1. Is it a monochrome screen, a two-color screen or a full-color screen; 2. Is it a dot matrix screen, a patch screen, or a planting screen; 3 , What is the pixel pitch; 4. What brand of light-emitting chip is used; 5. How much brightness should be achieved, and whether it needs a cabinet; 6. What brand of IC should it be equipped with? What brand of power supply is used? We take the most commonly used LED outdoor full-color screens and LED indoor full-color screens as examples to introduce the price of LED displays. LED display price LED display price per square meter outdoor LED display has a large dot density, commonly used models above P5 (p5, P6, P8, P10, P12, P16, P20), the dot density is different, the price disparity is still relatively large big. LED outdoor full color screen P10: price 3000-5000 yuan, all-inclusive price is between 4800-6300 yuan; LED household screen P8: price 2800-4500 yuan, all-inclusive price is between 4300-5800 yuan; LED outdoor full color screen P6: price It is between 3800-8800 yuan and 5300-9300 yuan for the all-inclusive package; the above price is only a reference, and the specific price should be related to other factors affecting the LED display. I hope everyone can buy a satisfactory LED electronic display.
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