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How much do you know about the resolution of industrial touch displays

How much do you know about the resolution of industrial touch displays


With the rapid development of the industrial age, industrial touch display has been applied  in each field. How much do you know about the stability and type of resolution, and how deep is your understanding?



With these questions below, Top One Tech will analyze with you:


1. There are many ways to measure the resolution, typically measured by the number of pixels per inch. Of course, it  also can be measured by the number of pixels per centimeter. The image resolution determines the quality of the image output. The image resolution and the image size height and width together determine the file size, and the larger the value, the more disk space the graphics file occupies.

2. Resolution is a parameter that measures the amount of data in a bit image. It is usually expressed as pixels per inch and dots per inch. The more data contained, the larger the length of the graphic file and the richer details. But larger files require more computer resources, more memory, and more hard disk space.


3. Generally, the higher the resolution of the image, the more pixels it contains, the clearer the image and the better the quality, it will also increase the storage space occupied by the file. When the display resolution is fixed, the smaller the display screen is, the clearer the image will be. Conversely, when the display screen size is fixed, the higher the display resolution, the clearer the image will be.


touch monitor

What role does resolution play:


The display resolution (screen resolution) of the touch monitor is the accuracy of the screen image, and refers to the number of pixels that can be displayed on the touch monitor. Since the dots, lines, and screens on the screen are all composed of pixels, the more pixels that can be displayed on the touch monitor ,  the more information that can be displayed in the same screen area. Therefore, resolution is one of the most important performance indicators. one. The entire image is considered to be a large board, and the resolution is expressed as the number of intersections of all warp and horizontal lines. In the case of a certain display resolution, the smaller the touch display, the clearer the image. On the contrary, in the case of a certain display size, the higher the display resolution, the clearer the image.

touch monitor resolution

Understanding the size and resolution also contributes to the overall readability of industrial touch monitors. Generally, 7", 10.1", 12.1" and 15" are commonly used in industrial applications. The size provides enough space for visible numbers, signal waveforms, or other graphic data, and does not occupy the device. The requirement for resolution mainly depends on the display information and display data.


In the aspect mode, a touch monitor can see longer information waveforms and more data. These industrial touch monitors are designed to incorporate the functions of touch keys on the surface of the display, and users can view data on a vertical and horizontal display, or switch to standard aspect ratio displays that incorporate the functions of a touch panel. This new advanced feature is very helpful in simplifying the user interface.


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