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How much do you know about industrial touch display resolution

by:Toponetech     2020-08-13
With the rapid development of the industrial age, industrial touch monitors applications also have a place in each field, how much do you know the stability of the resolution and type, know how deep, with these questions below, crown teck we analyze with you. 1. Resolution has a variety of measures, the typical is measured by the number of per inch. Of course, there are measured in pixels per cm. Image resolution determines the quality of the image output, high image resolution and image size wide value determines the size of the file together, and the value, the greater the graphic file the disk space occupied. Image resolution in proportional relationship affect the size of the file, the file size is directly proportional to the square of the image resolution. If the image size unchanged, will be double image resolution, then increase the file size four times as great. 2. Resolution is measured how many a parameter of the image data. Usually expressed as pixels per inch and points per inch, and containing data, the more the greater the length of a graphics file, also can show more abundant details. But the bigger files need to use more computer resources, more memory, more hard disk space, etc. If the image contains data are insufficient, is quite rough, especially to enlarge the image for a larger view. So during image creation, we must according to the resolution of the image the purpose of the final decision right. The trick here is to ensure that the image contains enough data, to meet the needs of the final output. 3. Generally, the higher the resolution of the image, contains the more pixels, the image is more clear, quality is better. At the same time, it also can increase the files occupy storage space. Display resolution under certain conditions, the smaller screen images more clear, on the other hand, the screen size is fixed, the higher the display resolution image clearer. Crown teck industry crown teck touch display monitor, customizable highlight, wide temperature, full view shows that can be used a variety of places 'resolution ratio of 8 '800 * 7684 * 600/1024:3 screen was 10. 1 '1366 * 76816:9 widescreen 10. 4 ', '1024 * 7684:3 is screen 11. 6 '1920 * 108016:9 widescreen 12' 800 * 7684 * 600/1024:3 screen is 12. 1 '1280 * 80016:10 widescreen 13. 3 ', '1920 * 108016:9 widescreen 15' 1024 * 7684:3 is screen 15. 6 '1366 * 108016 * 768/1920:9 widescreen 17 '1280 * 10244:3 is screen 17. 3 '1920 * 108016:9 widescreen 19' 1280 * 10244:3 is screen 19. 1 '1440 * 90016:10 already 21. 5 '1920 * 108016:9 22 'widescreen 1680 * 105016:10 widescreen: basic parameters screen parameters other panel power supply 12 v - type industrial control screen 4 v external power adapter LED backlight type, use the length or greater performance in 100-50000 h power 50 - 240 v The intensity of the 60 hz 400 MCD ( Customizable 1500 MCD high brightness or less) Peak function acuities were 48 16 w display color. 7 m menu language English/German/French/Spanish/Chinese/Korea ( Jane/numerous) / Italy/Russian point from 0. 264 mm shell material/aluminum alloy sheet metal ( The black/white/silver) The visual Angle of 160 ° 160 ° / ( Can be customized 178 ° Angle of view) Installation embedded, VESA cantilever, desktop, wall hung contrast, 1000:1 working temperature environment parameters 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, customizable - 30 ~ 80 ℃ or less response time - 5 ms storage temperature 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ resistance touch touch type, touch the number of relative humidity 5-35 million times or more 85% ( No condensation) Capacitive touch, touch the number 50 million or higher anti-jamming EMI/EMC standard infrared touch, the touch frequency vibration resistance 5-50 million times or more 19HZ/1. 0 mm amplitude, 19 - 200HZ/1. 0 g acceleration surface hardness 3 h anti-static 4 kv - or higher 8千伏; Customizable 16 kv or less
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