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How many tests does a qualified touch all-in-one computer need to go through before it can be shipped?

How many tests does a qualified touch all-in-one computer need to go through before it can be shipped?


As the types of touch products become more and more in the market, the use of fingers for touch operations has also become a behavioral habit of modern people. As an emerging electronic touch device, the touch all-in-one computer not only has the characteristics of stylish appearance, sensitive touch, simple operation, powerful function, easy installation, etc., but also can be matched with various application software and expand a variety of external devices. Therefore, it is applied to many fields of various industries by the majority of users.

Due to the numerous manufacturers of touch all-in-one computer brands on the market at present, the quality is uneven, which has caused a lot of trouble for users when purchasing touch all-in-one computers. TOP ONE TECH can assure that a high-quality touch all-in-one computer will definitely go through numerous tests during production and will only be shipped after the quality has passed.


So, what tests will a qualified touch all-in-one computer go through?

10.1" touch all-in-one PC 


1. Touch calibration


After the whole machine is assembled, the touch all-in-one computer will enter the full power-on test link. The whole machine first conducts screen inspection before production, and after carefully checking whether the screen is in good condition, touch calibration is carried out. Through repeated rapid operations, it is checked whether the reaction of the machine screen is sensitive.


2. Electronic load, withstand voltage test


Next, we will go to the electronic load and withstand voltage test of the product. By adjusting the output voltage test, the product can achieve the purpose of stable voltage output and meet the voltage requirements of industrial products. At the same time, through the withstand voltage test, to strengthen the insulation strength of the power equipment, so that users can use the product more assured.


3. Static detection


The product then enters the test room. First, check whether the ports are in contact with the 4KV electrostatic test one by one to confirm whether the ports can work normally.


4. Controllable high temperature, constant temperature and humidity test


After the all-in-one touch computer has passed the test of controllable high temperature, constant temperature and humidity, its performance is more stable in harsh environments. It is suitable for high and low temperature, dusty, watery, and oily environments. The application fields include industry, artificial intelligence, and physical Networking, commercial self-service terminals, smart cities, smart security, smart teaching and other fields.

10.1 inch touch all-in-one computer 

5. Simulate a car, controllable drop test


In addition, in the test room, the touch all-in-one computer will also undergo simulated car vibration and drop tests, which can not only avoid damage caused by collisions during transportation, but also prevent products from damage due to the fall


6. 48-hour aging test of finished product


After the previous inspection and testing, the touch all-in-one computer will also undergo a 48-hour aging test. In the aging room, all products will undergo continuous display testing for 48 hours after starting up, and real-time data recording will be performed to ensure that each finished product is qualified and achieve the purpose of reducing the rate of production defects.


Only after a number of tests, TOP ONE TECH will sell a touch all-in-one computer with qualified quality to customers, and products that fail to pass will be redone. As a professional manufacturer of all-in-one touch computers, TOP ONE TECH has been focusing on the research and development and production of touch products for many years, only supplying high-quality products with market recognition and user certification.

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