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How long can the touch all-in-one be used normally?

by:Toponetech     2021-10-22
In this era of rapid development, there are more and more electronic touch products on the market, and they are becoming more and more popular. As a new high-tech electronic touch product, touch all-in-one is widely used in many places in various industries due to its fashionable appearance, simple operation, powerful functions, and strong environmental adaptability. Since the development time of the touch all-in-one industry is still short, many people don't know much about the touch all-in-one product. For the touch all-in-one product that can realize the human-computer interaction function, many users are more concerned about how long the touch all-in-one can be used normally. Next, the editor of Rongguan will answer this question for you. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the touch all-in-one product is very closely related to the manufacturing material, manufacturing process, operation mode, and use environment. At present, most of the touch all-in-one machines on the market are basically within 10 years of actual service life. Only the touch all-in-one products produced by Rongguan manufacturers can guarantee that there will be no quality problems within 10 years. Why can the all-in-one machine produced by Rongguan Electronics be used for so long without any problems? The main reason is the manufacturing materials, manufacturing process, and good pre-sales and after-sales services. 1. Manufacturing materials-the shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel material, imported industrial-grade LED LCD A-gauge screen, industrial real multi-point infrared touch screen or capacitive 10-point touch screen, high-configuration computer host, and other excellent quality Various accessories. 2. Manufacturing process-a comprehensive analysis by a number of engineers with many years of production experience, continue to develop a convenient, beautiful, practical and stable touch all-in-one design plan, large-scale flow parts fine production, professional assembly and bonding of the whole machine technology. 3. Pre-sales and after-sales service——According to the different user's use environment and application requirements, professional customer service personnel will provide you with different product solutions; the products will go through a 72-hour quality test before leaving the factory, and they will pass the prevention Dust, explosion-proof, waterproof, earthquake resistance, etc. multiple tests; if any after-sales problems occur, contact the staff in time, and we will respond in a short time and solve the problem for you. Rongguan Electronics is a strong brand manufacturer in the touch all-in-one industry, with strong strength, mature technology, advanced equipment, and professional team. It is the trusted choice of customers, with guaranteed product quality and guaranteed after-sales service. A high-quality touch all-in-one product with a service life of 10 years, choose Rongguan Electronics, a professional touch all-in-one manufacturer, you deserve it! .
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