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How is the colour test and highlight test performed on the 27-inch high-brightness touch monitor?

How is the colour test and highlight test performed on the 27-inch high-brightness touch monitor?


How to ensure that the quality of each high brightness touch monitor shipped from the factory is intact without any malfunctions? In production, the inspection of each process is indispensable. The following are two important inspection links for the 27-inch high-brightness touch display: colour display inspection and highlight test.

Colour display detection

The color analyzer is developed using advanced digital signal processor and photoelectric conversion technology. It is equipped with sophisticated optical components and circuit design, and has high-speed, accurate and stable color measurement capabilities.


The video shows that we are using an analyzer to test the color gamut and brightness of the display. The x and y values on the analyzer represent the color gamut of the display under test, and Y represents the brightness of the display. We can judge whether the color gamut and brightness of the screen is normal through the data on the analyzer.


In addition, we will also use a color analyzer to scan the display screen to analyze the color temperature, grayscale and color performance of the screen, thereby adjusting the parameters of white balance, gray, and contrast to improve color contrast.

Highlight test

Because this is a 1000 high-brightness touch display with fans inside, we need to put it in a high-brightness environment for testing. Therefore, in the experimental room, we simulated the light intensity  at noon by means of strong light irradiation.


The device that emits this strong light is a device similar to a bathroom warmer . Although the intensity of the light emitted will be different from that of the sun, the strong light is enough to generate the high temperature under the direct sun. We illuminate the surface of the display screen vertically through the lamp at a close distance to detect whether the surface will be black due to direct strong light.


In the video, the touch display has been exposed to  light with 1000nits for 1 hour, and it can be seen that there is no product black-out phenomenon on the screen, indicating that the display is passable. Because the strongest time of the sun at noon is about 2 to 3 hours, and then it gradually weakens, so the time for our simulated light is generally between half an hour to 2 hours.

In addition to detecting the black screen phenomenon of the screen, it will also test the heat dissipation inside the display. Through the display of the temperature measuring device in the video, we can read the temperature of the three parts on the touch display. The first temperature displayed on the instrument is the temperature of the power supply, 41.9°C, the second displayed temperature is the temperature of the internal light bar of the display, 40.3°C, and the third displayed temperature is the temperature of the front of the display screen directly illuminated by light, 65.2°C.


From these data, it can be judged that even under the close-range illumination of 1000 nits, the temperature of the display is still within the normal tolerable limit, and there is no overheating temperature. It also proves that the heat dissipation effect of the display is very good, and it can be used in an outdoor environment with high temperature and direct sunlight.

The high brightness touch monitor test and the highlighted test are just two of the many tests. After these two tests, we will put them in the burn-in room for burn-in testing. In this test, the burn-in room simulates the various actual use conditions which cause the ageing of the product. This test further proves the durability of the product.

In addition, there are anti-collision test, waterproof test, scratch resistance test, performance test and so on. Each test is pertinent and professional, just to create every perfect product for every customer. Produced by Top One Tech, it must be a boutique product.

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