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How doth the display touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-08-02
Rapid development of science and technology, touch screen display has been widely used. In financial institutions, shopping malls supermarkets, government office in the hall and even individual household, touch-screen display has pervaded every aspect of our life and work, and provides a great convenience to our lives and at the same time also more let people can not do without it. Touch screen life though not short, but how can we cherish it in use and extend its life? Touch screen we have collected the following method, we share together! The following is the use of touch-screen display '4 don't' maintenance method. A, don't let the strong magnetic field near the touch-screen display must avoid when using electromagnetic fields, because of the magnetic field will cause the capacitance screen temporary failure ( Serious and even may cause permanent damage) 。 Need to pay attention to sound and so on magnetic tape, don't let it near the touch-screen display. Two, don't let it serious electrostatic effect electrostatic effect easy breakdown, capacitance screen, although on the surface of the touch-screen display capacitance screen after some antistatic treatment of the glass, but can only hold a certain intensity of electrostatic, so choose the time of touch screen protective film is important to note that as far as possible choose antistatic ability of the protective film. Three, do not use touch screen under the environment of high temperature for a long time do not use in high temperature in the sun for a long time, when high temperature around 40 ℃ when will cause touchscreen capacitance screen drift, so for a long time can cause the touch-screen display directly scrap, causes economic losses to the company or individual. Four, don't let the greasy dirt, sweat touch screen after the touch screen for oil, sweat and other contact will be covered in the formation of dense conductive layer caused by drift, the screen so the touch screen display should stay away from greasy dirt and sweat. The convenient use of electronic products at the same time more is need us from detail to go up and take care of it, the high quality of touch-screen display is no exception. Consumers in the use of touch-screen display notice above 4 points, a good maintenance of touch screen display, to get full play to the excellent performance of the machine, both can prolong the service life of it and reduce the unnecessary economic losses.
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