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How does the interference light of the led display produce?

by:Toponetech     2021-06-06
Abstract: How does the interference light of the led display produce? The interfering light of led display has the following factors: 1. Own factor: outdoor led display has the characteristics of high brightness. If the brightness output of touch display reaches 8000cd m2 in the dark night, it will cause serious light interference. . 2. Viewing position: How is the interference light between the viewer and the led display produced? The interference light produced by led display screens has the following factors: 1. Own factor: outdoor led display screen has the characteristics of high brightness. If the brightness output of the led display screen reaches 8000cd/m2 in the dark night, it will cause serious light. interference. 2. Viewing position: The closer the viewer is to the led display screen, or the larger the diagonal angle formed by the position and the led display screen, or the more the viewer’s line of sight is in the same direction as the display screen, the more serious the situation will be. The interference light. 3. Illumination impact: There is a significant difference in ambient illuminance between day and night, which also causes the same brightness screen to produce different degrees of interference light at different time periods. Fourth, the viewer factor: viewers are different in age, occupation, health status, and psychological mood, and they will feel different degrees of interference light. For example, viewers who are frequently exposed to photosensitizers or who suffer from eye diseases are more sensitive to light. V. Play content: If the image content displayed on the touch display changes too quickly, it will easily cause discomfort to the viewer; the color brightness is too high and the transition is rigid, and it will also cause eye discomfort. Six, evaluation criteria: screens are used in many places, such as road traffic, commercial areas, residential areas, etc., due to the different nature of the place, the evaluation criteria for interference light are also different. 7. Environmental conditions: Environmental conditions will have a significant impact on the interference light of the led display. If the environmental conditions are relatively harsh, such as haze, dust, fog, heavy rain, strong wind and other weather, it will affect people's interference with the led display. Light judgment, the human eye, under the influence of external factors, will cause the judgment standard to be inaccurate and affect the objectivity of the evaluation. 【Led electronic display】【】【electronic display】
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