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How can the tft touch monitor be visible in sunlight?

How can the tft touch monitor be visible in sunlight?


I believe that many people have the experience that the screen cannot be seen clearly under strong sunlight. This phenomenon is that the readability of the display screen in the sun is poor. In many industrial scenarios, the touch display screen needs to be used under strong light outdoors, which derives the tft touch display screen visible in sunlight. And Top One Tech, through years of experience in the industry, has already developed a very mature tft touch display solution that can be viewed in the sun:


1. Using the principle of optical bonding

The tft touch display screen visible technology in sunlight mainly uses the principle of optical bonding to improve the readability of the tft touch display screen in sunlight. The principle of optical bonding is mainly to increase the external contrast by reducing the brightness of the display screen. At the same time, the display screen is bonded to the glass, and the transparent optical glue is used to stick it on the polarizer surface of the tft display screen, so that the optical glue and the display screen bonding glass are seamlessly bonded. And the AR layer is coated on the glass surface of the tft touch display screen, which greatly reduces the reflectivity, which means that the contrast is improved.


2. The changes brought about

Optical bonding will greatly increase the readability of the tft touch display screen in sunlight, so that the content on the tft touch display screen can still clearly be seen under strong light, and the display effect will not be damaged at all, which can satisfy the need for outdoor use of the screen.


3. High Brightness Technology

Using LED instead of CCFL as the backlight light bar, with the help of LED backlight technology, not only improves the brightness of LCD, but also greatly improves color reproduction and service life; coupled with optical film: brightening Polarizers, as well as LCD panels with high light transmission, can significantly improve the brightness of LCD screens.

Top One Tech has launched a series of tft touch display screens visible in sunlight. In addition to the optical bonding principle, the principle of transflective and transflective technology and the principle of high brightness technology are also used, which can greatly improve the visual effect of the tft touch display screen in sunlight. Welcome friends in need to come to leave a message for consultation.

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