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How about the performance of the PCAP touch screen produced by Chinese manufacturers

How about the performance of the PCAP touch screen produced by Chinese manufacturers


The continuous innovation and development of touch technology has also enriched the choice of touch screen types, especially after the emergence of capacitive touch screens, many customers have seen its potential and applied this PACP technology to their devices. As for ordinary capacitive touch screens, there are some challenges in operation and improving usability, so an advanced versionof capacitive touch sensors come into being, called projected capacitive touch sensor technology.

 PCAP touch screen has completely changed the application of smart touch screen. Therefore, today we have countless devices, including mobile phones, computers, industrial equipment, casino game consoles, and many smart devices that use PCAP touch sensors.


PCAP has many advantages, making it an ideal choice for a large number of devices. Its powerful performance is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

 PACP touch screen

Anti-pollution and explosion-proof

The projected PCAP touch screen adopts a highly durable glass panel design with high surface hardness, which can be scratch-resistant, explosion-proof, and can withstand strong impact forces, thereby ensuring a longer service life. Another point is that the sealing design of the capacitive touch screen is also very rigorous. The glass panel and the touch screen can not be fitted with a single error to prevent dust and stains from entering the inside of the screen.


Highly sensitive to touch commands

Among all touch screen types, according to statistics, the use of capacitive touch screens provides excellent sensitivity to touch commands. The entire capacitive touch screen provides excellent sensitivity to touch commands. The touch sensor responds quickly, even with a light touch.


Optical clarity

The evolving touch screen technology also focuses on improving optical clarity. This is an important consideration when designing touch screen devices, especially when readability in sunlight is required. The PCAP touch screen provides better light transmission because all its optical layers are glued together, there is no air gap, and the internal reflective surface is eliminated. They can better transmit the light from the display they are attached to.


Multi-touch function

PCAP also provides multi-touch functions. Generally, PCAP can sense up to 10 touch points at the same time. This supports advanced gesture recognition, such as pinch, zoom, and rotation functions. Many other types of touch screens can only provide one or two touch functions, but this limits the touch function to a large extent and affects the user experience. In addition, the selection and experience of content are becoming more and more complex nowadays, multi-touch  is very necessary.


Stylus, light gloves or bare fingers

The PCAP touch screen supports bare finger and stylus operation. Stylus operation does require a widely used special conductive type stylus. Lightly gloved hands such as nitrile gloves, latex gloves or vinyl gloves can also work well with the PCAP sensor.


With all the above advantages, PCAP touch screen is undoubtedly an excellent choice for many applications. However, to take full advantage of these advantages, it is important to choose the right manufacturer.


Top One Tech is a high-quality PCAP touch screen manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, providing patented group controllers and high-quality glass-to-glass sensor structures.

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