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How about the energy-saving effect of led full-color display?

by:Toponetech     2021-06-10
Precautions for purchasing outdoor full-color LED display accessories; there are many types of LED full-color display accessories on the market. We only have a more comprehensive understanding of LED display accessories to avoid economic losses caused by improper purchase. So as to ensure that their investment gets the maximum return. The following is an analysis of some suggestions for purchasing outdoor LED display accessories compiled by the editor, hoping to help you.  1. LED lights and chips    LED lights are both LED light-emitting tubes, which are the key components of LED full-color display screens. Therefore, reliable quality and mature packaged LED products should be used. The selected LED product must have good stability, low dispersion, HBM greater than 4000V, small attenuation, strong voltage resistance, high brightness, wavelength, angle consistency, good light distribution, and resistance to temperature differences, humidity and ultraviolet rays. .  2. LED cabinet    The cabinet used in the selection of LED full-color display accessories is generally made of steel plate or aluminum as a whole. The overall protection of the LED box conforms to the IP65 standard, and the structure should fully consider heat dissipation issues.  3. Switching power supply    The LED display uses a certified famous brand switching power supply module, so the switching power supply selected for outdoor touch display accessories must undergo rigorous testing, screening, and aging. Ensure full compliance with international safety and quality certification requirements to meet the requirements of long-term stable and reliable operation of the display. Under the rated working conditions, the service life is more than 5 years.  4. Connector   Connector is an important connection device in the system, and it is also one of the important accessories of full-color LED display. High-quality connector products should be used to ensure the thickness of the pure gold plating of the connector and maintain the best electrical connection performance. Ensure that the system has good electrical connection performance in high temperature and high humidity environments, so that the system can operate stably and reliably for a long time.  5. Circuit board   The circuit board is made of flame-retardant epoxy board, with reasonable design layout and standardized wiring to meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and circuit stability. Processing manufacturers should choose products produced by well-known LED display manufacturers.  6. u200bu200bDriver chip IC device    When purchasing the touch display accessory driver chip ic device, the drive circuit should choose the international famous brand constant current driver chip. In a large temperature range, maintaining high-precision constant current output and high reliability can significantly improve the uniformity and reliability of the display. The main materials of the display system should pass CE, FCC, UL, CCC, ISO9000 and other certifications. I believe that if we do what we said above, adhere to reliable supporting facility materials and professional Ru0026D and design technology, we will definitely be able to reduce the failure rate of the display, and will greatly improve the reliability and stability of the outdoor full-color touch display.
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