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High-end customization of LED large screen manufacturers is the way out

by:Toponetech     2021-06-24
The history of LED large screens is not long, but it is extremely brilliant, but from the development to the present, although it has only experienced a short period of 30 years, it has also gone through ups and downs. Many early LED large-screen manufacturers have made a lot of money in the market, and some newcomers have also gained a share of the LED large-screen industry. However, as the market becomes saturated, there are more and more LED large screen manufacturers, and competitive pressure will follow. The main pressure for the competition of large LED screen manufacturers is still due to the excessive homogeneity of products, and the main problem is due to the immature touch display technology in my country. Many core technologies and invention patents in the LED large screen industry are all in the hands of foreigners. In the international market competition, LED large screen manufacturers, which are mainly export-oriented, will be hindered by technical barriers and can only provide low labor and manufacturing capabilities. , This makes the economic benefits not good, long-term in the low-end production industry, the sense of depression can be imagined. Without technology, there is no innovation. Naturally, the products manufactured are moving towards the direction of homogeneity. Just imagine that 100 large LED screen manufacturers produce similar products. Then, how buyers should choose? If there is a large LED screen at this time Manufacturers produce different products that make people's eyes shine, so it will surely win the favor of merchants. According to industry insiders: At present, LED large-screen manufacturers are small in scale and lack unified technical standards and effective industry supervision. LED high-tech research and development requires a lot of funds and scientific research personnel, and it takes a certain amount of time and cannot be produced immediately. benefit. Moreover, the LED industry product update speed is very fast, if the researched product does not have long-term vitality, it may face huge cost risks. As a result, many companies are unable or willing to invest in large-scale research and development. At present, customization has become popular in all walks of life, which is also due to the serious homogeneity of products. In order to gain a firm foothold in the competition, many large LED screen manufacturers have launched a price war. Although it has a certain effect, it is not obvious. The price war often results in the loss of the company's own interests. As a result, LED large-screen manufacturers have found another solution to produce customized products for customers, and customers have higher expectations on their requirements. The personalization of the product can increase the selling point of the product and enhance the corporate image and competitiveness. However, customized products must rely on technical support and require LED large screen manufacturers to invest a certain amount of money to support, improve production efficiency, and focus on products. Quality and differentiated production will surely gain a foothold in the LED large screen market.
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