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Has the PCAP capacitive touch screen passed the compression test?

Has the PCAP capacitive touch screen passed the compression test?


There will be some interference factors in the use of capacitive touch screen. Electrostatic discharge, strong magnetic field, oil, sweat, water vapor and other conductive substances may permanently damage the capacitive screen when they are attached to the screen. When the ambient temperature and humidity do not meet the working environment, or the voltage is low, unstable, physical impact and vibration and other factors will cause damage to the capacitive touch screen, causing the capacitive screen to be scrapped. Therefore, we will carry out a series of strict tests on the products before leaving the factory.

Capacitive touch screen test items include accuracy test, linearity test, sensitivity test, response speed test, anti-interference ability test, pressure resistance test, etc. Among them, the pressure resistance test is also an important factor to test the quality of the capacitive touch screen, so every capacitive touch screen of Top One Tech can withstand the impact of pressure.

In general, the impact test is to use a steel ball of a specified size and weight to freely fall from a specified height to impact the surface of the screen, thereby obtaining a value of the size (weight) and height of the ball, which is its impact resistance. Let's take a look at this shock test experiment. First prepare a 500g steel ball, then a capacitive touch screen and a tape measure. We hang the capacitive touch screen on the ground, and then use a tape measure to measure the vertical height of 1.3m, put the steel ball in this position, let the steel ball do a free fall motion, and hit the touch screen.

With such a high height and such a heavy steel ball, falling down will definitely bring a huge impact. Can it smash the suspended touch screen? The final experimental results show that the touch screen is intact, which proves that the pressure resistance of the touch screen is very strong, and you can choose it with confidence. In addition, it should be noted that the total thickness of this capacitive touch screen is 4.3mm, and the thickness of the physical tempered film cover above is 3mm.

In addition to our in-house anti-stress testing, each of Top One Tech Ltd.'s products has also obtained third-party quality certifications such as CE/FCC to confirm the superior quality and functionality of our products. Our quality management system is detailed, from the selection of materials to the delivery of the final product.

Over the years, Top One Tech has been focusing on the development, production and sales of capacitive touchscreens. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our people, business, products and services. In terms of environmental impact, we have significantly improved energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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