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Green light flashing LED display does not work to send card is how to return a responsibility

by:Toponetech     2021-03-26
Full color LED display screen not display properly, send CARDS of the green light will flash. So how do we determine problem and fix? One, a green light flashing LED display does not work, send a card: 1, screen without power supply; 2, line not connected well; 3, receiving card without power supply or power supply voltage is too low; 4, send CARDS bad; 5, signal transmission between equipment connection or defective ( Such as: function CARDS, repeater) ; Check screen elimination method: 1, 2, check the power supply is normal reconnect the cable 3, ensure that power supply dc output power supply in 5 - 5. 2 v4, replacement send card 5, check the connection or replacement card ( Repeater) 二、LED屏不工作、发送卡绿灯不闪烁原因:1、DVI线未接好2、显卡属性设置不正确3、软件选择了关闭大屏电源4、发送卡没有插到位或者发送卡有问题排除方法:1、检查DVI线接头2、重新设置复制模式3、软件选择开启LED屏电源4、重插发送卡或者更换发送卡 0 上一条 LED广告显示屏红色和白色那个比较好 下一条 LED电子显示屏维护协议书怎么写
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