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Great, Top One Tech has been rated as a quality touch monitor supplier

Great, Top One Tech has been rated as a quality touch monitor supplier


Choosing high-quality suppliers plays a very important role in the development of a company's follow-up business and directly affects the company's production and sales. And to choose an excellent supplier, you can roughly judge from these five aspects:

1. The smooth supply of materials by suppliers: so that production will not be stopped due to waiting for materials.

2. The stability of the quality of the incoming materials: to ensure the stability of the quality of the finished products.

3. Compliance with the delivery quantity: make the company's production quantity accurate.

4. Accuracy of the lead time: to ensure the accuracy of the company's delivery date.

5. Coordination of various tasks: Good cooperation makes the work of both parties go smoothly.


First of all, thank the South American customer for their recognition of us and rated us as a high-quality supplier. The company is mainly engaged in casino equipment, and is also a manufacturer and solution provider of ATM payment and public transportation equipment. It occupies a large share of the market. They are very strict in the selection of suppliers. They score suppliers every year and choose the best quality suppliers to cooperate, the unqualified suppliers will be directly eliminated.


Top One Tech has been cooperating with this customer for more than 7 years and has been awarded the title of quality supplier every year. This time we gave us a score of 95 (out of 100), and sent us the "2021 Quality Supplier" letter issued by the boss. 

quality touch monitor supplier

Since the customer reached a cooperation with us in 2012, they have purchased ordinary monitors and high-brightness monitors with us every year, and the number of transactions reached thousands of units. This customer undertakes some large shopping malls, government and casino projects every year. Therefore, the product requirements for touch displays are very high, and they must meet CE, FCC certification standards and environmental safety standards. Top One Tech provides customers with many  customized touch solutions and these solutions have been adopted by customers and applied to the project. Each project recognizes the quality of Top One Tech. The service life, scratch resistance, water resistance, response speed, color brightness and other testing indicators are all superior to industry standards. In particular, the user experience has won praise from customers.

This time Top One Tech was awarded the title of "Quality Supplier" by the customer once again, indicating that the customer's  recognition of Top One Tech's comprehensive level and  the quality of touch display products. This honor carries the ingenuity of Top One Tech's management and the strong industrial manufacturing level, also reflects Top One Tech's cooperative attitude towards customers. We will cherish this honor and cherish this opportunity, further strengthen and promote more cooperation with customers, and provide better products and services.

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