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going to the bookmat? get me an amos oz

by:Toponetech     2020-04-23
It starts with an ATM machine that pulls cash from a bank account, transfers to a video vending machine, and expands to soda and chocolate bar vending machines.
Recently, vending machines have been invented to sell hot fries, pizza and freshly squeezed juice.
A new automation innovation is now being promoted: book vending machines.
The new machine was conceived by Kibbutz\'s Hadassim system solution at Harod Meuhad.
This machine is operated by a computer touch screen, which can display books selected by customers.
In addition, the machine displays the information of the selected book and its author before purchasing.
The company plans to allow buyers to obtain excerpts from the book, which they can taste before buying.
Hadassim says books will be 10% cheaper than bookstores.
In the future, CDs, medicines, sanitary products and other products will be sold through vending machines.
Sales of non-vending machines
Prescription drugs, for example, give people information leaflets.
The Dizengoff Center mall in Tel Aviv will install the first book vending machine.
At the train station and Ben, the machines will also be scattered.
Gurion international airport.
Officials at Kibbutz talked about plans to export their latest inventions to their product range.
Video vending machines are the main export products of New Zealand.
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