Global Touch Screen Industry Analysis

Since its birth, touch screen technology has continued to develop and innovate, and touch screen types have emerged to adapt to different industries and different needs. Currently, they have been widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, financial industry, retail industry, industrial control and monitor, entertainment and catering, public information inquiry and education systems, and other fields, bringing great convenience to people’s lives.

The Global Touch Screen Display Market scale was valued at USD 65.60 Billion in 2021 and $66.91 billion in 2022. The global market for touch screen display is expected to reach USD 163,10 billion by 2029, growing from USD 66,91 billion in 2022 to USD 166,12 billion by 2029 at a compound annual growth rate of 13.9%.

The touch screen display industry chain can be divided into three sections: the upstream, the midstream and the downstream. The upstream of the touch screen industry chain is manufacturers of raw materials, touch sensors and electronic components. The main raw materials include glass substrates, ITO conductive glass, polarizers, color filters, etc.; The midstream is touch screen manufacturers, which use various upstream materials to manufacture touch screens; The downstream are manufacturers of various types of touch terminal equipment, using midstream touch screens to integrate various complete products.

In the touch display industry chain, touch screens are in the middle reaches of the industry and play an important role in the development of the entire touch display industry. Sorted by the size of the terminal product’s panel, touch screens can be divided into small-size panels (1 to 3 inches), medium-size touch screens (3 to 10.4 inches), and large-size touch screens (10.4 inches or larger). Small and medium-sized touch screens generally refer to touch screens smaller than 10.4 inches. Small and medium-sized touch screens are mainly used in products such as mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras (DC), digital camcorders (DV), vehicle displays (such as GPS, vehicle DVD, etc.); large-sized touch screens (larger than 10.4 inches) are mainly used in notebook computers, LCD products such as monitors and LCD TVs.

Due to the huge scale of investment in large-size touch screen production lines and the large size of the glass substrates used, in order to reduce packaging and transportation risks and costs and better control product production costs, the large-size touch screen industry generally requires upstream, mid-stream and downstream manufacturers to be as close as possible; if the local supply chain is not complete and sound, it will directly lead to high production costs.

In the touch screen industry chain, the core competitiveness of enterprises lies in whether they master innovative touch screen technology independently. Touch screen manufacturers and companies with independent R&D capabilities and having their own intellectual property rights will have strong competitive advantages. In the assembly and debugging stages, companies with strong manufacturing, assembly and testing capabilities also have certain competitive advantages.

Key players of touch display industry are Displax, Samsung, AD metro, Atmel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Fujitsu Ltd., 3M, Elo, BOE Technology, Sharp, NEC Corporation, Qisda Corp., AU Optronics, Panasonic, LG Electronics, etc. Most of companies in touch display industry mainly focus on the small-size capacitive screen manufacturing and supplying. In recent years, many companies have vigorously launched consumer capacitive screen projects, which has further intensified competition in the small-size touch screen industry such as mobile phones. With the development of the medium and large size touch screen market, companies that specialize in medium and large size touch screens will have greater opportunities. At present, in the medium and large size touch screen market, leading companies include ELO, TouchSystems, 3M, etc. ELO and 3M specialize in surface acoustic wave screens and infrared screens respectively.

The market for touch screen displays is divided into Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe and Middle East & Africa in terms of region. In view of the increasing demand for improved display interface and interactivity screens in this region, North America is projected to lead the market for touch screen displays over the forecast period. The market for touch screen displays has been driven by the growing use of technology intensive products and services, e.g., sports broadcasts, events, daily television programming or news coverage. In view of the high level of adoption of devices such as tablets and smartphones in Asia Pacific, there is an expectation that this region will see considerable growth over the forecast period. The market in the Asia Pacific is set to be further stimulated by technological developments, including deployment of 4G and 5G data services.

The continuous advancement of global informatization has enabled more information dissemination, has facilitated the digitalization of market transactions, work, life and entertainment. In the process, we require a large number of interactive information input and output devices. Touch display will be widely used in personal portable products and fixed public facility. Technology is becoming increasingly mature and practical, which is conducive to meeting various needs of the market; industry competition is relatively moderate, and there is no high degree of monopoly or excessive competition, which is also conducive to the development of this industry.

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