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Give you parse trackpad multi-touch technology

by:Toponetech     2020-08-25
Laptop performance is more and more strong, when the performance is not the bottleneck, the user began to focus on the 'experience', that is to say, only provide stable and smooth operation of the PC has been unable to meet the needs of the consumers. For notebook computer makers, the innovation of the laptop itself also should focus on the mining the potential demand of consumers, solve consumer, provide consumers with happy experience multi-touch technology because of the limitation of the volume the advice on equipment of the laptop is not with the method of trackpoint or touch pad, for trackpoint is characterized by fast positioning, but it is more difficult, most users can't be used in a short period of time to master the skills; Touch panel is not the problem, and with the popularity of multi-touch, the touchpad is increasingly used in the product, that the share the trackpoint patent provides a touch pad in its new instructions, therefore, will become the main laptop touchpad instructions. Multi-touch can bring more pleasure to use for the user - — On a touch pad, use two fingers to complete the picture zoom, inversion, as well as the screen scroll, in the past a single point on the touch pad is unimaginable. But whether or not it is available to all of the multi-touch delivering smooth, accurate experience? The answer is clearly no. Touchpad implementation localization is: the basic principle of touch internal printed circuit board for rows and columns of an array, the user's fingers can be regarded as an electrode, the touchpad is another electrode, when the finger touches the touch pad, both between will produce a capacitor, touch panel control circuit will induction measuring the capacitance value, and then to a processing chip processing, the current touch points calculated through rows and columns, and the change of finger touch point while moving path, namely the touch of your fingers path, thus indicating the screen to move the mouse pointer. Most laptop computers now use multi-touch board used is called Profile Sensor scanning mode, namely the rows and columns of the touch pad to scan. When using two fingers to touch, Profile Sensor can identify the movement direction of the two fingers, but could not identify the specific location. We might think the row and column of the touch panel as a formed by X axis and Y axis plane, when the single point touch on each axis will produce a capacitance value, which can determine the exact location of the touch; But when two fingers touch at the same time, in the region of the X and Y axis can produce two capacitance value at the same time, the computing chip no method to accurately determine the location of the touch, and can only judge the move with the finger, two capacitance change trend - — Is the direction of motion. In professional terms, this phenomenon is called the 'ghost'. So many users will feel in actual use, this way of multi-touch indeed can realize image scaling or reverse, but the response speed and accuracy is not so satisfactory. For ghost point of this problem, called Image is adopted in laptop the touch pad Sensor scanning way, different from the Profile of the Sensor, the Image Sensor is not to the whole scanning of the touch pad, but the intersection of each row and each column are separately scanning, scanning frequency is the product of the number of rows and columns. For example, if a laptop touchpad by 50 lines of thread and 40 columns thread, then the Image Sensor need to scan for 2000 times the number of times - — The same change to other USES the Profile touchpad Sensor scanning mode in the notebook, the number of scanning is only 90 times. When laptop users to touch, the Image Sensor detection was the junction capacitance change, each finger to exist and the intersections of the mutual capacitance will decrease, so there are touching behavior can be judged, and it can directly determine the exact location of every touch point. Realize Image Sensor scanning mode, and provide users really fluent and accurate multi-touch experience, need a laptop on the touch pad itself, the Firmware and driver of the hardware and the operating system level setting and carefully in every aspect of training, to ensure that users get the touch of good experience. Especially for the Image Sensor detection technology, designed a Smart Gesture wisdom which collected a large amount of users multi-touch habits and correction method for different gestures to find program, not only improves the Gesture recognition rate, and shorten the recognition time. Let users will experience the other products can't provide smooth feeling; Rotation will be different, of course, as long as you use acdsee appreciate photos, users can get a different experience; In addition, users can also through the three fingers to complete the operation of the switch between applications, or do a quick choice among applications.
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