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Future touch screen and give you the real feedback such as immersive

by:Toponetech     2020-07-29
You comfort sad friends online via chat, but can't put his arm around their shoulder. You buy shoes in Zappos, compare their favorite all brands, but can not make eye contact with the cashier, also can't joke respond to them. You on the net get advice from a physical therapist, but I don't know whether your story touched him. You're flirting on the Internet, but you can't steal to kiss. The benefits of the Internet can also enumerate a lot. But on the Internet, we put the convenience, but at the face to face human interaction, and the price of interaction of personal contact. We become more and more the lack of human contact experience, which is the important expression form in viscous. Even small social contact is also important. Social contact person associated with the community, workplace, gratitude, compassion and trust. Being treated restaurant waiter moderate people tend to give more tips. People regard the doctor who contact with the patients more considerate, patients will be more relaxed, medical effect. Even with a simple arm to touch the consumers, vendors can sell more goods. Lack of online is not only a human touch. Social scientists have found that some items for the feelings that can greatly affect people's purchase decisions, consumers are more willing to choose to allow touch goods stores. This effect is particularly obvious in direct contact with the body of the goods, such as shoes, bed sheets, clothes and cosmetics. And the benefits of touch is not limited to soft and silky. In fact, marketing consulting company Millward Brown nearly, according to a study, 35% of consumers think cell phone feel is more important than appearance. Although Internet sales continue to grow, but it will contact body of the product will be restricted to people's desire to touch the goods. Through the use of touch machine simulation technology is not popular, but there is reason to believe that this technology will get great development in the near future. The engineers ( If Allison than at Stanford university and his colleagues) Is to build a sense of touch equipment, the equipment can not only simulate the object material and shape, also can respond to a user action, give a person with sense of weight or deformation. At the beginning, these devices will be used for robot in the operation, let the surgeon can feel surgical tools come into contact with the organization, but these devices will soon be extended to other areas. Such as apple company has received a number of 8378797 patent, the patent is called the tactile feedback orientation method and device. This system allows the directional transmit vibrations to a point on the touch screen, in order to produce a more natural feeling of input. But this is just a step, apple still in the development of a series of technology, with more realistic simulation of touch feeling. Shape and texture can be showed by a row of probe, electrical signals to control the probe to move up and down or move around. These little affectations can use a variety of modern technology to realize, such as shape memory alloys, pneumatic equipment, micro-electro-mechanical system and a piezoelectric element. Crucially, these devices run very fast, can make the dynamic response to a user action. Depending on the purposes, these mobile probe can cover with a layer of elastic film to form a smooth tactility. These can dynamically change the probe set of can smooth touch screen, can also be embedded in the scroll in the touch screen. Apple is developing another touch screen can provide more subtle feelings, to the minimal skin pass through screen electrode current, thus artificially activating nerve endings. Therefore, in the future, when you use iPhone or samsung Galaxy 12 S10, these smart phones may provide very vivid touch. A few years later, your iPhone 14 May send signals to control the dynamic of embedded within your clothes touch screen, thereby opening the marketing ( And other) Whole new world of possibilities.
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