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Full color difference between single color led display

by:Toponetech     2021-01-28
Full color , and what's the difference between single and double color ? Actually very simple. Full color LED screen can show text, video, images. Products have even small spacing can be used into the family when the TV. With single and double color can only show simple words and simple images. This is the differences. Below we will analyze the differences of the two. Structure above different: double color display pixels is composed of two kinds of LED lamp bead, so the display is only two kinds of color, general combination have ( Yellow + red) ( Green + red) 。 Full-color led display pixels are made from red, green, blue three kinds of led lamp bead, can display a variety of effects on different color play: double color led display and full color display can play video, but the former playback as black and white television. The same specifications full-color prices far higher than double color. Full-color displays and double color led display has indoor and outdoor, can be at the airport, subway, station, wharf, square, commercial center, supermarket, chain stores, restaurants, restaurants, Banks, studios, exhibition, large sports venues, train station, TV live, exhibition venues, performing arts center, entertainment venues, large literary evening concert scene, and so on various occasions to use. But it is full color led display is the mainstream, compared with other big screen terminal display, basically has the following characteristics: 1, high brightness, outdoor led display brightness is more than 8000 MCD/m2, is the only can be used in outdoor all-weather large display terminal 2, long life: led life 100000 hours ( Ten years) More than 3, big Angle of view: interior Angle is greater than 160 degrees, outdoor Angle is greater than 120 degrees. 4, led screen area but can small, small to less than one square meters, large to thousands of square meters; 5, easy and computer interface, support software is rich. Information source: small make up photoelectric 0 on the LED print screen is a what? LED print screen under the characteristics of a shows only half?
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