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Four touch touch dry touch all-in-one form

by:Toponetech     2020-05-19
Touch screen manufacturers crown today we bring you dry of photoelectric technology, according to the principle of touch screen operation, touch all-in-one touch screen can be divided into the following four forms! 1: the principle of infrared touchscreen infrared touch technology in the previous article has repeatedly introduction a few times, there is no longer do this! The advantage of infrared touch is not affected by environment, not afraid of the stain, not afraid of long time click and live longer! In four kinds of common touch drive, infrared touch is the only way to do the technology application of large size. What is the big size, touch all-in-one PC manufacturers crown teck definition of it is 65 inches for big size, now on the market touch all-in-one can even do it 200 inches! Infrared touch is relying on infrared lights or the touch of infrared technology to produce, so when the object touch surface, infrared lamp is bright dark, touch, so as long as the lamp does not go bad, can always achieve precise touch, the infrared touch all-in-one service life can reach 70 million clicks! 2 kinds: acoustic wave touch screen acoustic wave touch screen is using the acoustic principle in blunt point is using the vibration principle of sound wave, will signal to sound waves can touch touch function, acoustic wave touch screen is the most afraid of be besmirch, if there is a stain hinder the sound waves. Basic can't see the acoustic wave touch screen now on the market, and acoustic wave touch screen also do not. 3 kinds: the principle of capacitance touch screen panel simply speaking, it is according to the current strength for touch, so the touch screen touch sensitivity is the result of the current, smartphone currently on the market, such as apple mobile phones, samsung is the capacitance screen, touch the all-in-one in, capacitive touch screen is generally used in the small size of the touch of a whole machine, is not to say can't do big size, even if do it, the cost is quite high, not suitable for consumers to choose, not cost-effective! Crown do touch product of photoelectric technology is the capacitive touch screen, multi-touch, we mainly touch all-in-one PC, advertising machine, touch query machine, touch screen production for many years, the business needs, please contact us. Though 4 kinds: resistive touchscreen resistive screen has been gradually withdraw from the market, said to the resistive screen, everybody is not strange, in the smart phone fledgling stage, many of the shanzhai phones use are made of resistive screen, his theory is based on according to the deformation, stress produces touch response after two contact surfaces contact! So in the past, the resistive touch screen mobile phone in the boot with all need! The resistive touchscreen generally use below 32 inch, life is short!
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