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Four kinds of touch screen technology

by:Toponetech     2020-07-04
We have several kinds of common touch screen technology? Today we know about the following crown teck touch screen. A. At present is based on touch screen embedded touch screen structure adopts the structure of the case, the structure of the display module and a touch module are two relatively independent components, and then through the back-end laminating process integrating two devices, but the case of the relatively independent structure will affect the thickness of the product, do not conform to the touch display products increasingly the development trend of light. Hence the concept of embedded touch screen, touch module embedded structure embedded display module, make two modules into an organic whole, and are no longer two relatively independent components. Compared to the traditional case structure, embedded structure of advantage: only 2 layers of ITO glass, to reduce the cost of materials, to enhance light transmittance, more frivolous; Don't need to touch screen module and TFT module backend joint, improve product rate; Touch screen and TFT module production at the same time, reduced the module of the transportation cost. Embedded touch screen and can be divided into two kinds: the In - Cell technologies and On - The cell technology. 在- - - - - - The definition of cell technology two slightly different, but the principle is similar, are embedded in the LCD module will touch screen. 在- - - - - - Cell technology integrating touch screen at the bottom of the color filter, because it is the touch sensors placed inside the liquid crystal panel, occupied the part of the display area, so at the expense of the part of a display effect, but also complicating process, indicates rate is difficult to achieve. 在- - - - - - On - the cell technology Cell technology is the integration of touch screen on the color filter, not embedded inside the LCD touch sensors, just in the color filter plate with simple transparent electrode can be formed between polaroids, reduces the technical difficulties. 在- - - - - - Cell are the main challenges for the display number of noise coupled to the sensing layer, touch screen element must use sophisticated algorithms to deal with the noise. 在- - - - - - Cell technology integrating touch screen to display all of the benefits, such as make a touch panel more frivolous and the advantages of greatly reduced the cost, but the size of the overall system cost reduction is still far less Incell technology. Embedded concept first put forward by TMD in 2003, then the Sharp, Samsung, AUO, LG and other companies have put forward this concept, and disclosed some research achievements, but due to technical problems, are not able to realize the commercialization. Embedded touch screen time have nearly 10 years of development, the current from the commercial there is still a certain distance, but embedded touch screen as the development direction of future touch screen, actively reserves embedded type technology manufacturers will be in the future market competition in a relatively advantageous position. 2. Multi-touch technology in 2007, the company through the projected capacitive multi-touch function, the function provides an unprecedented user experience, reflects the different with the other touch technology, multi-touch technology become a trend in the market. The multi-touch technology has been from the beginning of scaling, can be achieved only two fingers move three refers to scroll and four dip, development to support more than 5 points touch recognition and multiple input methods, multi-touch technology to achieve in the future more detailed screen object manipulation and more degrees of freedom in the direction of development. 3. Tactile feedback technology touch the continuous development of display technology brings convenient operation and good visual effects at the same time, but ignore the touch as a tactile feedback to the user. The haptic feedback technology research is not much, in the United States based company named 'Forcefeedback' tactile feedback technology, this technology is to use mechanical motor vibration or movement, it can simulate the tactile effect such as beating, falling objects and damping movement, is currently in use more tactile feedback technology. Can bring new touch to the user experience, so tactile feedback technology is also a direction of the touch-screen technology development in the future. Four. Hybrid touch technology at present although many types of touch technology, but each technology has its advantages and disadvantages, no one technique is perfect. In recent years, people began to put forward the concept of hybrid touch technology, namely the touch on a surface by using two or more than two touch recognition technology, to achieve a variety of touch technology between the realization of the aim of complementary advantages and disadvantages. Has been developed based on the hybrid of capacitive and resistive touch screen, the touch screen can be handwritten pen and finger, multi-touch support, etc. , significantly improve the recognition efficiency of touch screen. With the continuous improvement of user requirements for touch technology, a single touch technology certainly can't satisfy people's needs, so the hybrid touch technology is bound to become one of the future development direction of touch technology.
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