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Food and beverage advertising machine use skills

by:Toponetech     2020-08-23
At present many food shops, already save agency advertising machine, whether it's because of the food and drug administration regulatory requirements or increase customers dining experience. Advertising has become an indispensable tool for the food industry, now that is a tool to make ah, of course. Here we use summary a few tips. And see it together. Be patient to the use of new technologies, the development of the science and technology today, very quickly, but some experts say catering shops, in the face of the development of science and technology, but will slow down. The idea somewhat counterintuitive. Now 5 g, for example, new technology, is used in mobile phones, and advertising machine? If we need to immediately apply the new technology? To take into account the ease of use due to the shop most of the food industry, technical personnel, the usability is very important. Background of various functional menu must be simple, easy to use, the fool. Unskilled operator, also can quickly get started. Suggested that purchasing will be considering the diversity of the platform at present the mainstream in the early years of the system platform, WINDOWS, android, 2 platform. If there are conditions can be 2 platform together. So it can compatible with most of the application software and APP on the market. Late upgrade configuration also easier and save the investment, reduces the equipment. Want to consider the stability of advertising the pilot time to work because of the food industry, operating time is long, be sure to consider long-term job stability, advertising machine equipment to choose the main board and industrial automation components. Of strength are advised to choose a qualified manufacturers.
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