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Flat TV infrared touch interaction technology development

by:Toponetech     2020-08-26
Touch technology as a kind of image intuitive and easy to understand way of human-computer interaction, has been widely used, touch technology combined with the digital high clear panel TV receiver, not only satisfy the user to watch hd television's basic needs, at the same time as a straightforward way of operation, the user can more fully enjoy the information function of the digital high clear panel TV receiver. Such as interactive games, information query, on demand, web surfing, email, etc. Thus promote the popularity of the digital high clear panel TV receiver and the development of the whole flat TV industry chain. In addition, because of the visual area is greater than that of traditional touch gets, has more powerful display effect, flexible forms of media, the rapid reaction ability and maintenance free, long life, the advantages of high stability has been quickly recognised by business, engineering and military industry and other industries, the market demand to expand quickly. In the early 1990 s, with the rapid development of flat-panel display technology and the rapid development of multimedia information technology, there is a new human-computer interaction technology - — Touch interaction technology. With the development of information society, the application of touch interaction technology is becoming more common, in the world, the markets are growing faster than 30% per year on average. Using this technology, users click it gently on the display figure character or words can do it to the operation of the host, thus make the human-computer interaction is more straightforward, so this technology greatly convenient for the user. The form of human-computer interaction also broke the previous keyboard mouse model, the framework of a more straightforward implementation of the operation. At present, the known global touch interactive technology has about 20 species, of which only a few are leading companies, improve the development, formed a complete product line and sales around the world. Other technologies because does not have a cost advantage or have yet to find a suitable mainstream market, only in a few circumstances be used occasionally.
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