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Facing the challenge of large size touch screen design

by:Toponetech     2020-07-09
For touch screen, big is beautiful. The design of the challenges facing more and more application of touch screen, also in the larger, such as how to provide users with better touch experience, especially for large screen touch experience. Multi-touch accuracy is very important, even on the big screen. But how to achieve this goal? According to the Business Research, the company's '2015 touch-screen market in the world' report, since 2009, projection capacitance ( P - 帽) The number of high technology occupy the mobile phone and tablet touch category. This success is the driving force of a set of conspicuous feature set, including through the durability of the whole glass surface to achieve effective graphic design, printing frame full unlimited service life ( Need not concentrated circle) And sensitivity, etc. P - CAP manufacturers in the 85 'current using this technique on the screen. They focus on four areas in order to promote touch performance and user interface design. Speed, precision, resistance EMI and integration. Faster speed and improve the precision of the consumer mobile phone must be in about 4. 5 'record once or twice a diagonal screen touch, 47' diagonal commercial touch screen by now common accuracy of 1 mm record 10 to 40 times touch. Double diagonal, 16:9 format of the screen area is about four times. To maintain the same touch detection performance, 47 'touch screen processor must than 4. 5 'mobile processing much more input. To prevent hand accidentally touch, gesture recognition, and other functions to further improve the demand to touch the processor. Further increases in size, but the touch screen in multiplayer interactive table casino games, museum, multi-user design/architecture workstation, retail stores, catalog and EPOS, showrooms, and bank branches panel, 55 '85' is becoming the mainstream. On the screen sizes to provide excellent touch experience, means to increase the number of touch detection electrode. The new firmware ( Firmware) Will touch touch detection algorithms of detecting electrode doubled, the number of touch controller can support 256, while the standard support 128 ( In view of the large 47 'smaller screen) 。 Therefore the capacitive sensing matrix in the touch sensors can more intensive, which in turn can be determined by the individual higher precision synchronous touch events, even in the big MPCT based on the 85 - inch touch screen. It provide more support for the touch controller 40 synchronous touch point ability, touch space between each dot & lt; 10毫米( That is less than the width of the tip of the finger) 。 Their full range in the currently available MPCT sensor size can achieve this result. Would like to this data is transmitted to the host PC without visible delay, touch controller must have sufficient processing functions. Touch screen usually end with as powerful processor and the system itself -- the ARM 32-bit architecture is very popular. Because the firmware of the elaborate design, still can collect, processing on the big screen to achieve the performance levels need to capture other data, and output to the host PC within 5 ms.
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