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Explanation: how touch-screen technology changed the face of human-computer interaction

by:Toponetech     2020-07-10
Human-computer interaction concept: human-computer interaction is the human and machine interaction, essentially refers to the human and computer interaction, or can understand human interactions with the 'contains the computer's machine'. Crown teck realize human-machine interface solutions leading developer of Synaptics, unveiled its Asian man-machine interface index ( 亚洲人力接口指标) Survey of research results, the study shows touchscreen smartphones, tablets and laptops for Asian consumers growing Numbers of users of the impact of daily life. The survey was conducted to entrust other institutions, were investigated in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea more than 2000 customers, but also reveal the touch-screen technology improvement for asians. More than 60% of respondents said they at the beginning of a day, a communication object is their touchscreen devices, then to communicate with their spouses or children, it shows that touch screen technology is everywhere in our daily life. This kind of behavior patterns can be partly attributable to consumers like several features of touch-screen technology, including simple operation, 79%) ; Quick interaction ( 77%) ; And more intuitive, 70%) And interactive experience ( 70%) 。 Synaptics intelligent display department ( SDD) Vice President of marketing BrianDaly said: 'we found that the capacitance touch screen the technology there is a large innovation potential, its sensing method is far more than distance, strength and gestures. The development of these technologies will not only improve the touchscreen experience, will change the way we live and interact with, 'according to the survey, the touch-screen technology which devices and applications to strengthen, respondents understanding differences among regions. Greater China consumer thinks, games, and write with a stylus is affected by positive big application. While South Korea's consumer thinks, photos, video and email to benefit from this technology application. 86% of respondents said they used much touch screen is a mobile device, the technology in view of the smart phone has a high popularity in Asia, the data is not surprising. But, there are still areas of improvement, a little more than 60% of consumers emphasize screen resolution is a touch screen mobile phones and tablets of an important factor. The visibility in the sunlight is considered an important factor of mobile phone, and tablet first consideration is life. In terms of touch screen hardware, consumer concern is respectively gloves can't operating equipment ( 63%) , screen, slow reaction ( 62%) And are likely to be the screen scratches, 62%) 。 When asked if they want to see the innovation point, consumers think is attractive to change the size of the button ( 66%) , using voice commands ( 62%) And more gestures to touch, 56%) After the smart watch ( 49%) And biological identification ( 47%) 。 Synaptics propaganda officer SebastienTaveau biometric products division said: 'one of every two consumers will mention the idea of using biometric authentication nature, this is very interesting. Each day the login their mobile device at least 40 minutes. Synaptics is FIDO founding members of the alliance, is the realization of powerful, convenient and unified authentication of early and guide. With the union increasingly, and the survey concluded that the point of view, obviously, a lot of people are interested in biological recognition technology, this will increase as the 2014 launch more devices will become more apparent. This will further simplify Synaptics man-machine interface and user experience design team has been pay close attention to and study the user behavior, demand and problems, always put the user in the design. 'Back to the desire of the enhanced interaction and experience this point, Asian consumers would like to see more improvement including folding screen ( 59%) , control of household electrical appliances ( 51%) , as well as to the tourist information, local map and television access ( 49%) 。 Synaptics Asia man-machine interface index survey to further consolidate the touch-screen technology adoption of the market. According to analysis company HISiSuppli the touch-screen panels around the world before 2016, the number of shipments will reach 3 billion, because in addition to smartphones and tablet computers, there are a lot of products are adopted by this technology. Shenzhen crown of photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , founded in 2008, is a touch screen research and development, design, production, sales in the integration of high-tech electronics companies. Sold more than 10 million, 2014, touch screen output of about 300 million yuan.
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