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Embedded industrial touch display how to use in a wide temperature environment?

by:Toponetech     2020-08-21
Embedded industrial touch display due to the application in industry of high and low temperature, dust, water and oil, the use of harsh environment, has a high requirement on performance. Especially in the use of high and low temperature environment, the embedded industrial touch monitor products but also great challenges. So, the embedded industrial touch display high wide temperature is very necessary. Then the embedded industrial touch display is how wide temperature used? Next, to explore together with us: 1) mode, wide temperature and working principle Way 1: using heating of the low temperature low temperature heating has a point by point heating and heating 2 kinds of finishing. This displays the overall power consumption will increase 4 - 6 times. Such as 15 inch LCD monitor at room temperature ( 22℃) The power consumption is 20 w, in low temperature environment, - - - - - - 40℃) Power consumption is: 90 - 120 w, the heating mode makes the machine in the process of use for a long time, can appear sometimes the phenomenon such as liquid crystal flow or difficult to restore. 2) Method 2: improve the brightness of the LCD screen developed by special high pressure article Can produce v - 2000 The start of the 3000 v voltage) In low temperature environment, - - - - - - 40℃) Bright backlight bulb, because of the backlight bulb produces huge heat warming LCD, this kind of way to kill two birds with one stone, namely can solve the problem of the low temperature of liquid crystal work, and solve the problem that the sun visible, this way or lighten the way. Way one way, two drawbacks: (1) these two approaches are increased a lot of auxiliary parts, reduces the reliability. (2) assembly production up more troublesome, easy to cause defects, defective rate is higher. (3) ability to shock, vibration device. (4) in aging test, found its environment at 50 ℃, the aging speed, rise by acceleration, lighten the way, in particular, is only about 1/10 of the normal service life. 3) Third way: the new LCD technology, high and low temperature application products don't need to be heated and can work normally under low temperature without brightening its basic principle is as follows: liquid crystal under the low temperature ( - - - - - - 40℃) No freezing or state of matter change, otherwise both heating mode and lighten the way doesn't work, so we just thought of correcting the electrical characteristics of drift in software mode. Try to trigger the LCD work under low temperature. It's need to adjust the LCD driver timing and so on. Through a lot of experimental research and extensive application of the technology has very mature, no matter how the environment temperature changes, triggered by widening timing and matching the corresponding driver can guarantee the normal work of the LCD.
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