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Embedded industrial tablets, embedded computer, industrial computer, industrial tablets

by:Toponetech     2020-08-30
Embedded industrial tablets with intelligence and interconnection of the application of the global development trend of future factories, human intervention in the production of new trend is to change the current manufacturing process. Imagine a picture: in the workshop, the robot operating equipment, perform various tasks; Production personnel is responsible for monitoring operation. Thanks to the development of intelligence technology, the human and the machine can work side by side in factory workshop. Whether you believe it or not, this seemingly unreachable future scenario has been happening in the factory all over the world. This phenomenon is known as the 'industrial 5. 0 'or collaboration industry, it fully shows that more and more manufacturers begin to realize that to response the customer personalized needs of growing. In fact, 85% of manufacturers think 'Internet operations' ( Also is the man-machine collaboration) The universal access in 2020. And the vast majority of manufacturers think it is an important factor in their business strategy. In the past mode of production, the difficulty of the real-time data acquisition is larger, the improvement of production efficiency and production process monitoring require real-time gathering data, real-time data collection to monitor production status and production strategy, according to the real-time situation of the real-time data acquisition and application of the system is sure to bring unprecedented significantly increased production levels. Shenzhen crown teck is committed to provide customers with WinCE, android and Linux platform the underlying operating system so as to realize the man-machine operation control, automatic data acquisition and process monitoring of the industrial automation industry solutions. After ten years of development, crown teck has accumulated rich industry experience, to help customers from all walks of life to provide the industrial automation solutions, obtained the praise of the industry. For embedded industrial tablet in the production of the field data collection applications, crown teck mature solution is also given. The solution 2015 formally in the production workshop for the application of data acquisition, realize the real-time workshop site all kinds of data information, help customers quickly collected production data, convenient real-time adjustment, customer the first time for production for the real-time and reliable data basis was provided for the production decision. In the industrial field, the PC has its limitations, such as the relatively large size, not easy to install and embedded field devices, bad site environment is relatively complex, PC machine is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, electromagnetic interference, such as vibration, therefore industrial tablet moistureproof and dustproof, seismic characteristics of anti-interference advantages are just as bad as it gets. In addition, there are abundant interface embedded industrial tablets, such as RS232, RS485 serial port, also has a front-end ports, such as USB interface, VGA port, and even extend the functionality of various ports, convenient for secondary development, can fully meet the industrial production field through the serial port, port for data acquisition, monitoring and operation. As is known to all, mechanical production and processing requirements are fine, a little bit deviation may lead to produce substandard products. The old way of data collection is a man-made manual input, it is easy to cause human error, production efficiency and qualified rate are not guaranteed. Application in machining of crown teck's solution is to external sensors, when mechanical products come into contact with, when sending the infrared sensor, the sensor can be accurate to take down the data acquisition and transmission to the display screen, so that the engineers judgement decision and timely adjust data of the product, brings to the production efficiency and correctness of the qualitative leap. Crown teck as a mature research and development of embedded industrial tablets manufacturers, can provide customers from all walks of life with real-time, automatic and efficient data acquisition industrial tablets, the rich interface resources and convenient access to different external equipment, high-performance CPU greatly enhance the capacity of the data collection and improve running speed. And its small volume, light quality, high performance, ports, more features, applicable to all walks of life of the production process of data acquisition, has been widely used in some industrial production field, the mobile data real-time acquisition, bring an indelible contribution for industrial automation production.
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