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Embedded industrial tablet touch screen display effect and introduction

by:Toponetech     2020-06-26
Industrial tablet touch display is a kind of the intelligent terminal of the microprocessor, commonly used in industrial situation, realize the information interaction between humans and machines, including text or graphics display and input, etc. At present there are a lot of industry tablet touch screen display because of its mature tablet touch screen display and a high reliability and is widely used in intelligent building, intelligent household, city non-industrial sectors such as information management, the hospital information management, as a result, industrial flat touch-screen display is to take a broader application of high reliability of intelligent information terminal development. According to the function different, industrial flat touch-screen display customarily divided into text display, touch screen man-machine interface and tablets three categories. Text display generally controlled by single chip microcomputer, graphical display function is weaker, lower cost, suitable for low-end industrial man-machine interface applications. Touch screen man-machine interface using higher-order embedded computer design, the current relatively popular design is to use a 32-bit ARM microprocessor, usually in the frequency of 100 MHZ above, use the embedded operating system such as Linux or WinCE. Touch screen man-machine interface have rich graphics function, can achieve a variety of needs of graphic display, data storage, network communications, and other functions, and high reliability, the cost is lower than the tablet, small volume, is the first selection of industrial occasions, recently also gradually replace industrial PC into the mainstream of intelligent information terminal. Tablet is flat design of industrial PC, generally USES the X86 architecture design, Windows XP operating system, with a touch screen, the CPU is so powerful that can complete a large amount of data operation and storage, the disadvantage is that the cost is higher, and the design of the part with the hard disk and fan reduce system reliability. Industrial tablet touch screen monitors usually form a complete set of configuration software, graphical programming to facilitate customers. Configuration software is a kind of visualization of the graphical interface programming tools, generally with manufacturer of hardware, the different industrial flat touch-screen display hardware collocation own configuration software in general. The man-machine interface configuration software also began to open in the direction of development, such as based on WinCE configuration software can be used for various industrial man-machine interface of hardware has a WinCE operating system. Crown teck launched a series of industrial touch flat panel display products, according to different size requirements, developed 7 inches, 8 ', 10. 1 inch, 10. 4 ', 11. 6 inch, 12 ', 15 ', 15. 6 inch and 17 inch, 17. 3, 19 inches, 19. 1 inch, 21. 5 'flagship for query touch display terminal equipment such as touch flat panel display applications.
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