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Electronic displays are more than just tools for displaying information

by:Toponetech     2021-04-08
Abstract: From the initial single and double color LED display to the full-color screen, from outdoor direct insertion to indoor surface mount, to outdoor surface mount, indoor and outdoor COB. From the initial single and double color touch display to the full-color screen, from outdoor direct insertion to indoor surface mount, to outdoor surface mount, indoor and outdoor COB. After years of development, LED electronic display products have now been greatly enriched, and LED electronic displays are being applied to more occasions. As a tool for information display, LED electronic display shows its value fully, but this label is also firmly fixed. [Outdoor LED display] Times are developing, technology is advancing, and people's thinking of LED electronic display is also constantly adjusted and changed. For LED electronic displays, one of them is how to further tap the potential value of LED electronic displays, break the existing value labels attached to them, and let the LED electronic displays have a new look and reappear into the public. Vision. It is divided into two steps: the first step is how to make innovative changes from the appearance design, so that the LED display screen can be more integrated into the surrounding environment. This step is the premise and the foundation; second, seek breakthroughs from the value core. We know that the advantages of LED electronic display are very obvious, such as high brightness, energy saving, long life, large viewing angle, etc. Therefore, its application potential is still very large. The key is how to use creativity to tap its potential. .
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