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Eight influences of led lamp beads on LED display

by:Toponetech     2021-05-31
Many customers understand that LED lamp beads (also called LED chips) are very important core components of screens, which play a vital role in performance, but in fact, most people just know this concept, so LED lights What are the specific effects of beads on the ? There are not many that can really be distinguished, so here is a detailed introduction to the eight major effects of LED lamp beads on the . 1. Influence of viewing angle The viewing angle of the is determined by the viewing angle of the LED lamp beads. At present, most outdoor displays use elliptical LEDs with a horizontal viewing angle of 100° and a vertical viewing angle of 50°, while indoor displays use SMD LEDs with a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 120°. The display screen on the highway generally uses 30° because of its particularity; a round LED with a viewing angle is sufficient. Some high-rise display screens have higher requirements for vertical viewing angles. Viewing angle and brightness are contradictory to each other, and a large viewing angle will inevitably reduce brightness. The choice of perspective needs to be determined according to the specific purpose. 2. Brightness influence LED brightness is an important determinant of display brightness. The higher the brightness of the LED, the greater the margin for the use of current, which is good for saving power and keeping the LED stable. LEDs have different angle values. When the brightness of the chip is fixed, the smaller the angle, the brighter the LED, but the smaller the viewing angle of the display. Generally, a 100-degree LED should be selected to ensure a sufficient viewing angle of the display screen. For displays with different dot pitches and different viewing distances, a balance should be found in brightness, angle, and price. 3. Comparison of failure rate Since a full-color display screen is composed of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pixels consisting of three red, green, and blue LEDs, the failure of any color LED will affect the overall visual effect of the display. Generally speaking, according to industry experience, the failure rate from the start of the assembly of the to the 72-hour aging before shipment should be no more than three ten thousandths (referring to the failure caused by the LED lamp beads itself). 4. The LED lamp beads have a direct impact on the life of the . The theoretical life of the LED device is 100,000 hours, which is much longer than the working life of other parts of the . Therefore, as long as the quality of the LED device is guaranteed, the working current is appropriate, and the PCB heat dissipation design is reasonable , The display screen production process is rigorous, and the LED device will be one of the most durable parts of the display screen. LED devices account for 70% of the price of LED displays, so LED devices can determine the quality of LED displays. my country is not only a major producer of LED devices, but also a gathering place for manufacturing. The high technical requirements of LED displays are the future development trend. The high quality requirements of LED displays are not only about the trend of manufacturers, but also the development of device manufacturers. From the control of LED devices, China will promote China's transformation from a large manufacturing country to an manufacturing powerhouse. 5. Antistatic ability LED is a semiconductor device, which is sensitive to static electricity and can easily cause static failure. Therefore, antistatic ability is very important to the life of the display screen. Generally speaking, the failure voltage of the human body electrostatic mode test of the LED should not be lower than 2000V. 6. Attenuation characteristics screens will appear brightness decline and display color inconsistency after a long time working, mainly due to the brightness decay of LED devices. The attenuation of LED brightness will reduce the brightness of the entire screen. The inconsistency of the brightness attenuation of the red, green, and blue LEDs will cause the color of the to be inconsistent, which is the phenomenon that we often say that the display is spent. High-quality LED devices can well control the brightness attenuation range. According to the standard of 20mA lighting at room temperature for 1000 hours, the red attenuation should be less than 2%, and the blue and green attenuation should be less than 10%. Therefore, the blue and green LED should not use 20mA current when designing the display. It is best to use only 70% to 80 % Of rated current. The attenuation characteristics are not only related to the characteristics of the red, green, and blue LEDs, but also the current used, the PCB board heat dissipation design, and the ambient temperature of the display screen all have an impact on the attenuation. 7. The impact of size The size of the LED device affects the pixel point distance of the screen, that is, the resolution. Under the premise that the dot pitch is constant, the size of the LED device increases, which can increase the display area and reduce the graininess, but because the black area is reduced, the contrast will be reduced; on the contrary, the LED size is reduced, the display area is reduced, and the graininess is increased. , The area of u200bu200bthe black area increases, increasing the contrast.

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