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Don't know how to change the content of the LED display and font? Set the tips to help you!

by:Toponetech     2021-01-31
Now more and more industry and office will use the touch display screen, this is indeed a trend. We imagine that in a few large exhibitions, and some business in the lobby of the hotel, these are no longer imagine. The application of the Led screen has covered many commercial enterprises, for our modern office, this has become our daily use of office tools. So here small make up necessary to publicize the knowledge about led screen Settings, the goal is to make our friends can walk into the era of modern office. Has just come into contact with the led screen friend, believe that for led advertising display also don't know. So some problems often mentioned, such as using screen for advertisers and advertising information, specific how to setup. For led screen Settings, actually not that difficult. Because every form a complete set of the enclosed control CARDS and relevant software, once the screen installed can control card and power are connected. Using computer to perform this software, it's so convenient to change the font, font, and related content. The effect of related also show very incisively and vividly. Above the touch display shows the content of the changes, we can also through the use of mobile phones, U disk, or even a computer to operate. If join the GSM SMS in the control card, then you can use mobile phone to operate fully. This by editing the related messages will be able to send and change the advertising content of subtitles. If you use usb control card, then replace the content can directly use U disk to copy the related content. If you use a computer, then we will more selective. But should choose the specific, is totally depends on our actual application demand. Such as in individual door head shop suggested we use wired control card, complete instructions through the computer. Also can use usb control card, so without attachment and very direct. Again, for example, advertising is distributed in each district, and bus stations and all kinds of chain store screen and so on, need a mass of this kind of situation, we will suggest using GPRS wireless control card. Because doing so can be convenient and quick, only need to use computer to edit. In most cases, the use of USB or GPRS this two ways are the most fast and save time, it is recommended to use. On the font we still should pay attention to our computers and touch display is connected or not. This is generally look to conclude that serial number right or not. Then send icon, if show 'unable to find a control card' or 'control card can't connect' or 'there is no control card Settings' and so on, this is the problems setting up the control card, had better look for technical support. Screen time is too long, or cable has a virtual welding and short circuit problem, is will affect the use of the display screen. Finally, we'll have to modify the content in the current situation, I believe you all understand. 0 a on LED driver products introduced the next from the chip to encapsulate, LED module, comprehensive analytical chip, the circuit and energy efficiency
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