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Does The Industrial Display Use A Capacitive Touch Screen?

Does The Industrial Display Use A Capacitive Touch Screen?


With the development of capacitive touch screens, most of the industrial display screens installed on industrial control equipment are actually capacitive touch screens. Compared with ordinary display screens, industrial display screens are rapidly applied in industrial control, hand-held terminals, communications, instruments, meters, automobiles, ships, medical equipment, self-service terminals, police equipment and other fields with overwhelming advantages. The industrial display screen is combined with a touch screen and an operating system to achieve the purpose of control of the industrial system and data management and monitoring.

The reasons for using capacitive touch screen in industrial displays are as follows:

1. High reliability

Industrial display screens are extremely strict in material selection in order to meet the high specification requirements of the industrial market. Dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and explosion-proof are all professionally designed. For example, the industrial display screens produced by Top One Tech have undergone rigorous inspections, and 100% have passed high temperature, low temperature, performance tests, and simulated transportation, surge test, drop test, etc. The industrial-grade design which is sturdy and durable, with IP65 industrial-grade protection grade, can meet the display requirements of various special harsh industrial environments.

2. High brightness

Since most of the display screens are used in indoor environments, the brightness is about 250 (NITS). However, the ones used in industrial environments cannot meet the requirements. This is due to the strong ambient light, and its brightness can easily exceed the brightness of the LCD backlight. In addition, using in an industrial environment,  will reduce the brightness of the display and make it look darker. After testing, Top One Tech's industrial display has a brightness ranging from 500 to 3000 nits, which is five to ten times that of consumer LCD that are only suitable for indoor use. It can maintain good visibility regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors or in the sun. This is one of the advantages of industrial-grade displays.

3.Long service life

Liquid crystal material is an organic polymer composite material. It has very high purity, and other materials are also high-purity materials, in very clean production conditions. The driving voltage of the liquid crystal is very low and the driving current is very small. Therefore, the degradation of the equipment is very small, and the service life is very long. From the actual application test, except for impact, breakage, or damage to the LCD, its own industrial display has almost no end.

Most industrial display manufacturers can also maintain it for about 3 years. Top One Tech, as the leading brand of industrial display screens, supports working 24 hours a day for 10 years, which is many times higher than similar products.

In the era of big data, industrial display screens will be promising. With the help of the Internet, the collected industrial data can be calculated and optimized, and more and richer applications can be provided, making industrial display screens can play an important role in the Internet of Things and cloud computing fields. 

4. Low maintenance costs

The capacitive touch screen of industrial displays has little damage to the screen due to the use of fingers for touch, and the capacitive technology itself has the characteristics of wear resistance and long life, so the user’s maintenance cost is also low during use, which can be said to help users save a lot of operating expenses.

5. the reaction is more sensitive

Based on the technical principle of capacitive screen multi-touch, the number of touches of the industrial display capacitive screen is more than 50 million times, the response time is less than 15ms, the screen error is less than 1%, and the sensor-like screen response is more sensitive, allowing users to have a better experience

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