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Do you know the difference between industrial panel computers, industrial computers and touch screens?

Do you know the difference between industrial panel computers, industrial computers and touch screens?


With the continuous development of industrial automation, the demand for smart devices is increasing, which also promotes the growth of market demand for industrial control products such as industrial tablet computers, industrial computers and touch screens. Although industrial tablet computers, industrial computers and touch screens have been widely used in smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence, smart cities, medical care, finance, transportation and other fields, do you really know the difference between them?

Understanding the differences between industrial panel computers, industrial computers and touch screens, as well as the adaptive environments and characteristics, will help us choose the most suitable products. Below Top One Tech will introduce the difference between them.

1. The touch screen is the touch screen in the industrial touch display. It is an inductive liquid crystal display device that can receive input signals such as contacts. Generally, it is combined with a liquid crystal display to form a touch display device. When the graphic button on the screen is touched, the haptic feedback system on the screen drives various connection devices according to the pre-programmed program, and then the liquid crystal display presents the audio and video effects.

Industrial touch screens are mainly used in information query terminals, multimedia teaching, industrial control and other fields, and have the advantages of fast response, space saving, and easy communication.

15.6 inch touch all-in-one computer

2. Ordinary industrial computer is usually composed of passive backplane and industrial CPU card, expansion card and power supply, or large motherboard and power supply, and some have storage units such as optical drive and floppy drive, which have the characteristics of multi-card expansion. Large size and high energy consumption are obvious shortcomings of ordinary industrial computers. Due to the upgrade of the application scheme, such as multi-function PLC, various modules and switches replace the traditional acquisition card and bus multi-port card, so that the demand for multi-card expansion is not so strong, and the embedded industrial computer is derived. Compared with the traditional industrial computer, the embedded industrial computer provides higher reliability, is more suitable for the complex and harsh industrial environment, and is suitable for application systems with strict requirements on function, reliability, cost, volume and power consumption, which is also the future development trend of the industrial computer industry.

3. Industrial tablet computer is a computer that integrates display screen and industrial computer. It is a combination of industrial display and industrial computer. It is an interface device for communicating, transmitting, inputting and receiving information between users and machines. Widely used in communications, self-service terminals, electric power, industrial automation, smart factories and other fields, it has the characteristics of sturdiness, anti-vibration, wide temperature, multi-slot and strong scalability.

18.5 inch pcap touch screen

The following are the main features of industrial panel PCs:


1. Simple installation and maintenance.

2. Most of the front panels are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, which can reach the IP65 protection level, which is sturdy and durable.

3. The industrial tablet computer integrates the host, liquid crystal display, and touch screen into one. It has both sturdy and durable features and high-performance computing capabilities, which can effectively improve productivity and production quality.

4. The industrial tablet computer adopts a fanless design, using a large area of fin-shaped aluminum blocks to dissipate heat, with low power consumption and low noise.

5. Industrial tablet PCs are mostly industry-specific specifications, not standardized products, so there is a compatibility problem between systems. At the same time, the products must meet the special needs of customers for the working environment, such as wide temperature and wide pressure, high and low temperature resistance, waterproof and dustproof, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-vibration and other requirements.

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