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Different applications in the field of touch screen attribute analysis

by:Toponetech     2020-08-16
It is well known that the touch screen is widely used in our life, in fact, different areas of the touchscreen requirements and attributes are not the same. 1 touch screen different application requirements. Industrial control: there are gloves, waterproof, resistant to chemical environment, impact resistant, anti-fouling easy clean requirements, such as touch screen using electricity conditions should be considered common-mode interference and long-term electricity use reliability problems. 2. Financial terminal use: generally has a long service life, safety and reliability requirements. The desktop financial terminal and long-term electricity use requirement. 3. Outdoor advertising screen: generally have sunlight readable, waterproof, resistance to decline. 4. Intelligent household kitchen application: need to consider safety glass, high temperature resistant requirements. 5. Intelligent household indoor home appliance applications: need to consider the product integrity, have a black requirements. 6. Vehicular applications: the service life of the need to consider the reliability, optical requirements ( AG),基于“增大化现实”技术) , such as collision safety requirements.
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