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Development of touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-05-20
Touch screen screen and resistance capacitance screen, capacitive screen and display on the outside of share out bonus, capacitive touch screen. Let's send screen trend of touch screen to talk about: 1, stylus, stylus only provide early selection menu using light pen function greatly enhanced. Use stylus to operate the touch screen similar to the whiteboard, in addition to the display interface, Windows, ICONS, stylus also has the function of the signature, mark, touch pad 2: touch pad pressure capacitive touch technology is adopted, the screen area is the largest. It consists of three parts: the bottom is center sensor, used to monitor the touchpad is touched, then the information processing; The middle layer provides the interaction with graphics, text, etc. ; Touch the surface layer, the outermost layer is made of high strength material of plastic material. When finger tapping the outer surface, can send this information to within 1/1000 s sensing device, and processed to log in. Besides compatible with PC, but also has the characteristics of high brightness, clear image and easy interaction, and was applied to guidance information query system ( Such as bulletin board) And received very good effect. 3, touch screen, touch screen in short is 2. The input and output, no longer need to mechanical buttons or slider, display screen is the man-machine interface. The touch screen system by the LCD screen, touch screen, touch screen controller, the main CPU, LCD controller. Touch control board is the core of the touch screen module, touch screen controller is using PSoC ( A programmable chip) system Technology, PSoC is integrated with programmable analog and digital peripheral and MCU nuclear mixed signal array, so the flexibility of PSoC, programmability, high integration features such as widely used in touch screen controller. Now building has 32, 46 and 70 - inch touch screen, support 1080 p FullHD resolution, without any extra setup can support multi-touch control, can be put vertically or horizontally. More convenient, it USES a standard HDMI, FireWire and USB interface, plug and connect the Mac, Linux or Windows PC can begin to use. Crown teck touch screen manufacturers, main non-standard customized
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