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Daily maintenance of LCD touch display, problems that need attention

Daily maintenance of LCD touch display, problems that need attention


The daily maintenance of the LCD touch display is very important, if you are not careful, it will cause a certain degree of damage to the display. So in order to avoid damage to the LCD screen, what aspects should be paid attention to in the maintenance of the LCD touch screen? What will be the consequences if you don't pay attention? Today, Top One Tech will talk about this issue with you.

1. Pay attention to maintaining humidity

The working environment of the LCD touch display should maintain a certain humidity, usually within the humidity range of 30% to 80%, the LCD touch display can work normally, if the humidity exceeds 80%, it will cause condensation inside the display. In addition, it is necessary to prevent the power transformer and other coils inside the LCD touch screen from getting wet, because it is very easy to leak electricity after being wet, and in severe cases, the connection will be short-circuited, and the high-voltage part of the touch display will also produce discharge, and the components inside the machine are prone to rust when wet. When the corrosion is serious, the circuit board will be short-circuited.

lcd touch display

2, pay attention to waterproof, chemicals

Many friends know that moisture is the biggest natural enemy of liquid crystal. If water enters the LCD touch display, it will cause condensation, and then leakage and short circuit will occur, and the screen will become very blurred, so be sure to pay special attention to the LCD touch display. No water or anything with moisture can enter the inside of the screen.

Chemicals will also cause damage to the LCD touch display, such as hairspray used in daily life and mosquito killers that are often used in summer, which will damage the liquid crystal molecules and even the entire screen, thereby reducing the service life of the LCD touch display. Therefore, the LCD touch display should be kept away from chemicals as much as possible.

3. Do regular cleaning

After using the LCD touch display for a period of time, dust and other smudges will inevitably appear on the surface, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. How to properly clean the dirt on the surface of the LCD touch display? You can sprayed alcohol on the surface and wiped it off with a soft cloth.

4. Avoid collision and vibration

Because the LCD touch display  is very fragile and delicate, it cannot be subjected to strong impact and vibration. Because the LCD contains many precision glass components and sensitive electrical components, if subjected to strong impact, it will cause damage to the LCD screen, related components or circuits. Therefore, the touch screen must avoid large shocks.

5. Avoid overloading

The LCD touch display cannot be in a high brightness state for a long time, which will shorten the service life of its backlight tube, so try to turn off the display if it is not used for a long time. In addition, you can try to lower the brightness of the LCD touch display in daily use, which will greatly extend the life of the display.

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