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Custom programming, industrial machine is CNC machine realize automation 'brain'!

by:Toponetech     2020-08-31
In the development of intelligent manufacturing, numerical control machine as a member of the intelligent automation equipment is important, has become the main current parts processing and manufacturing productivity. According to the market demand for CNC machine tool rising, the touch display equipment industry, is also a new market opportunities. Working principle of the digital control machine tool and numerical control machine tool is digital control machine tool, refers to a control system with application of automation machine tools. The basic component of nc machine tool include machining program carrier, numerical control device, servo drive device, machine tool main body and other auxiliary equipment. Compared with the traditional machine tool, CNC machine tools with high flexibility, high machining precision and machining quality is stable, reliable, high productivity, better improve working conditions and advantages of the modernization of production management. Nc machine tool control system, as its touch industrial machine center, able to handle the with logic control code or other symbols in accordance with procedures prescribed by the instruction, and the decoding, with code Numbers, through information carrier type numerical control device. At the same time, after processing the numerical control device and a variety of control signals, control the action of machine tool, according to the shape and size of the drawing requirements, automatically to parts processing. Crown teck digital control machine tool solutions in terms of nc machine tools, crown teck learned that modern nc machine tools need to be more adapted to the Internet, openness, high precision, high speed, etc. For this purpose, users in the numerical control machine tool in the solution for specific requirements, crown teck also customise the nc machine tool equipment solutions, in order to realize the YuFangShi CNC machine maintenance, increase the automation production line efficiency. 1) Applications: crown teck custom Windows 2) industrial machine Nc machine tools focus point, application all-in-one can be customized front lamp, support manual reset button and automatic reset function, is more advantageous to the operator and freely control equipment, directly improve work efficiency and operating comfort; Support under the control of machine tools, machine, PLC/microcontroller, etc. , can realize direct control of the whole equipment, the equipment situation and get the testing data; USES the independent research and development, custom machine industrial motherboard J1900, built-in X86 platform, stable performance is higher at the same time, also easier for the application of the software and programming; Based on the production line running time long hot spots, all-in-one MTBF is as high as 5000 - 8000 hours, reliability is far higher than the industry standard; Commonly used on nc machine installation, machine embedded, cantilever installation, at the same time it can customize according to the field of automation and desktop type, suspension type, open to install a variety of ways.
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