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Custom industrial process and its matters needing attention of tablets

by:Toponetech     2020-03-23
Industrial tablet in the operation of various industries in recent years more and more widely, many standard products are already can't satisfy people's needs, many products are now need to custom, such as: custom interface, customize waterproof, custom memory disk size and so on. Tablets for the industry is mainly used in chaos control cases, bad for the device itself has excellent anti-corrosion function, can waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, to provide users with IP65 grades the front panel of water-proof and dust-proof. For industrial tablet custom matters needing attention, and what need to process? Let's discuss: one, telephone communication & ndash; — Quality industrial tablets with custom, involving the amount of information is too big, communication on the Internet is not a two words can tell. We found on the Internet, we usually call related salesman and customer by telephone or other means of communication. Second, ask the customer requirements & ndash; — Cooperate on custom class products, in the assembly, the first thing to consider is the hardware aspect, we salesman and customer communication, typically asked customers use industrial tablets are used where an application domain, the parameters such as industrial motherboard, CPU, memory, hard disk information, customer needs what kind of configuration is right. In addition to the hardware configuration is suit to think of three years later. Three, problem, the customer interface requirements & ndash; — Customers use our industrial tablet needs to use in what environment, demand features which, whether specific to satisfy the client's I/O interface and have set aside sufficient hardware upgrades to expand space. Four, the signing of the contract/deliver quality inspection & ndash; — Established in choosing our company as a supplier, customer usually signed a contract with us. We usually deliver contract and determine the cooperation. Free signed a contract to the customer directly into the quality inspection, such as quality inspection passed, and then signed a contract. Five, make deposit the goods & ndash; — Industrial-grade tablets belong to custom products in production. Basically every customer requirement is different, after we signed a contract, require customers in accordance with the contract process to go. Six, assemble, test shipment of aging in industrial grade tablet production, all of us are templated assembling, according to the requirement of the customer specific after assembly usually through electronic test, high and low temperature test, aging test procedure, etc. Seven, after-sales & ndash; — Our industrial grade tablet to provide 3 years warranty ( Non-artificial reason 1 year free warranty, 2 years of paid services) 。
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