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Creative LED display manufacturers usher in a big outbreak

by:Toponetech     2021-05-21
In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology, taking the LED display industry as an example, the gap between Chinese LED display manufacturers and the top of the time is gradually narrowing. China has gradually become the top priority of global LED display manufacturing. Guangzhou's four major industrial core cities. Among them, creative LED display manufacturers have made rapid progress in the past few years, and their development momentum has attracted attention. What kind of market trend is this? Full-color LED display   We all know that the rapid development of full-color LED display in the Yangtze River Delta is not accidental. One of the important factors is the abundant resources in the hinterland market. The Yangtze River Delta is widely rumored by many to be the source of China's economic growth, and LED display companies are more likely to obtain large market opportunities. As an example, the projects are all over Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In the field of high-speed rail, it has won a number of creative LED display information display projects such as railway transportation, Huaihe intercity, and commercial advertising. The geographical advantages of the hinterland are fully demonstrated.   Technology is the primary productive force of an enterprise, and the development of an enterprise cannot do without the support of talents. In the long history of industrial development, the strength of science and education ranks in the forefront of the country, providing valuable intellectual support for the development and growth of local touch display companies. It is an LED display manufacturer founded in, after more than ten years of development, it has established a multi-disciplinary Ru0026D team of more than 300 people, focusing on product innovation and research, accumulating patented technology, and maintaining the strength of touch display and lighting products in the market Competitiveness.   At present, many domestic touch display manufacturers are actively developing overseas markets, but due to lack of experience in various aspects, they often fail because their products do not meet the requirements of international standards. But how do they develop? The overall sense of openness is relatively strong, and the awareness of internationalization has been acquired earlier, and a lot of preparations have been made for the development of overseas markets. For example, it is the first to produce a full-color creative LED display that meets NBA international competition standards in China. The products have passed CE (European Union), FCC certification (United States), UL (United States), VDE (Germany), etc. Certification has laid a solid foundation for overseas markets. Belief is the best protection for yourself.
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