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Common industrial tablet what are the cause of the problem?

by:Toponetech     2020-03-25
Common industrial tablet what are the cause of the problem? Industrial tablets after long-term use will fail, and the cause of industrial tablet fault are many, probably can be divided into two categories, one is industrial tablet's own reasons, including the structure, hardware, lead to material problem, this is the internal factor, the other one is external factors, and usually industrial tablet failure situation actually external factors of high risk, such as the environment. Common industrial tablet what are the cause of the problem? Let's take a look at of seats we bring the introduction of the ears. More than 1, the particulate matter in the air: a lot of factories in most of the raw material need powder processing, and large outside air flow and a lot of dust, easy to set a large number of dust deposition within industrial tablet, which would cause industrial tablet internal temperature is exorbitant, damage of hardware. This kind of situation happens in CPU, power supply, hard disk, video card, a cooling fan. For less dust, can be dealt with timing blowing dust. Dust, industrial tablets can be placed in the drafty place strainer gauze, regular cleaning needs to be done. 2, the ground was shaking: many factories need motor drag, such as vibration displacement of physical movement, not only bring huge noise, the vibration of the machine is working to bring to industrial tablet touch all-in-one, optical drive, floppy disk bring huge damage. Disk production process more and more high. In automatic control system of a large number of data exchange, long operating time, high speed disk, easy for disk vibration, resulting in a decline in disk, speaking, reading and writing, head positioning is slow, and even damaged disk; Thus reducing industrial felt tablet touch all-in-one PC environment, is conducive to protect the disk. 3, power supply voltage fluctuation, easy to power outages: industrial development demand for electricity is large, and some of the more remote areas prone to the phenomenon of power supply shortage, the voltage is unstable. This easy to cause industrial control system often restart, easy to lose important log files and cause can't normal start. Industrial tablet work environment, therefore, the stability of the power supply is related to industrial tablet is normal. Need to adopt the regulated power supply and UPS uninterruptible power supply, equipment selection, in accordance with the size of the load power, how much need to keep working time. Common industrial tablet what are the cause of the problem? The above content is introduced here today, if have not understand place, welcome to consult customer service for details.
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