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Common application areas of touch all-in-one

by:Toponetech     2021-10-23
The touch all-in-one machine is a smart device with multiple purposes. Because of its many functions, simple operation and visual and audible effects, it now has its presence in many fields. 1. Attendance, because the touch all-in-one machine integrates advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer and other technologies, after configuring fingerprint scanners, scanners, card readers, printers, cameras, keyboards and other external devices, touch The all-in-one machine is used in enterprise attendance, and can also fulfill some special requirements such as fingerprint attendance, swiping, card issuance, card reading, printing, and face recognition. 2. Automatic ticket sales, the touch machine can realize real-time query of various information through the connection with the Internet, so in railway stations, subway stations and other places, you can see everyone using the touch machine to buy and receive tickets. 3. Queuing numbers. When handling business in banking, telecommunications, taxation and other industries, you will receive a queuing number, and this collection process is usually completed from the touch one machine. Therefore, the touch one machine can also be used to provide call service for everyone. 4. Shopping mall business navigation, there will be many businesses gathered in modern large-scale shopping malls. Due to the large scale, accurate floor distribution maps are needed to guide everyone. In this way, customers can quickly query the business information of each floor on the touch-sensitive machine as soon as they enter the mall. 5. Advertising interactive marketing, each merchant saves its own product information on the touch-control all-in-one machine, and customers can find out more styles of product information by reading and querying, so as to provide customers with a wealth of options. Deepen customers' interest in merchant products. This stimulates customers to place orders to purchase products in a timely manner. 6. Teaching and training, this is a common use. Basically standard equipment in classrooms and meeting rooms of elementary and middle schools. Play videos/pictures/documents and other resources through teaching software and common functions. Enriching teaching content improves the quality of teaching meetings. Rongguan Optoelectronics Technology specializes in the production and wholesale of various types of touch all-in-one machines, touch all-in-one machines, advertising machines, teaching touch all-in-one machines, wall-mounted touch all-in-one machines, and can be produced in sizes ranging from 3.5 inches to 64 inches. Products are widely used in tablet computers, GPS navigator, advertising integrated machine, industrial control, household appliances, education electronics and other industries, products are distributed in many regions of China.
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