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Clever use of capacitive touch screen

by:Toponetech     2021-10-31
Any item has a service life. In order to better extend its use time, there are some details of use that we must take seriously. The editor of Capacitive Touch Screen Manufacturer Rongguan has collected the following points for your reference. 1. It is forbidden to have water droplets or other soft things sticking to the surface of the touch screen, otherwise the touch screen will be very easy to make a judgment error, thinking that the external sound wave screen is inaccurate due to hand touch. Also, when removing dirt on the surface of the capacitive touch screen, it is recommended to use a soft dry cloth or detergent to wipe from the center of the screen carefully, or use a dry soft cloth dipped in industrial alcohol or glass cleaning fluid Clean the surface of the touch screen. 2. If you change the display resolution or display mode of the touch screen when you operate the capacitive touch screen in the middle, or adjust the refresh frequency of the touch screen controller by yourself, you must re-align it when you feel that the cursor cannot correspond to the touch point. The touch screen system performs calibration operations. 3. If you touch the surface acoustic wave touch screen with your hands or other touch objects, the touch screen will react very slowly. This proves that the capacitive touch screen system is out of date, the internal clock frequency is too low, or because there is water on the surface of the touch screen. The beads are moving, so if you want the touch screen to respond quickly, you need to replace or upgrade the system, or use a rag to dry the water droplets on the surface of the touch screen. 4. If the system has click inaccuracy or drift when changing the display resolution, adjusting the screen size, and installing for the first time, you need to start the positioning program that comes with the application to reposition, but when you are positioning, It is recommended to use a thinner pen or fingertip for positioning, which is more accurate. Whether people or things, there is a time to die of old age. Hearing the news of Li Yong’s death in the past two days is really sentimental. I was also an audience mystery for 'Lucky 52' and 'Very 6+1'. His signature 5+2 gestures and his slightly curled hair , Sometimes humorous words made the audience laugh. Take good care of your body! Cherish the little things around you, customize capacitive touch screens, advertising players, and touch all-in-ones, just look for us.
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