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Classification of led display how to use the led display

by:Toponetech     2021-02-06
1 display category a. Applications: indoor screen, outdoor screen b. USES the color of the LED lights: single color, double colors, full color c. Functional categories: bar screen, graphic screen, screen d. LED connection mode: synchronous screen, asynchronous screen 2 how to select the products according to the display screen viewing distance and use the environment to: a. Indoor screen: when screens installed in the conference room: it is recommended to use Q4 and smaller spacing of products when the display screen is used to store the hall: it is recommended to use the Q7. 62 and the smaller distance between products, is the display screen is used to store the stage rental: it is recommended to use Q5 and smaller spacing of product b. Outdoor screen: when display installed on the highway, it is recommended to use Q10 outdoor full-color, Q8 outdoor full-color products when display installed on the square: it is recommended to use Q16 outdoor full-color ( Xiangyang when display) , Q10 outdoor full-color ( According to banish xiangyang) 239 a touch display cabinet on how to choose the next installation touch display notice how to install the touch display
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