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Classification of led display drivers

by:Toponetech     2021-05-31
Abstract:    According to the power supply voltage, LED drivers can be divided into three categories: one is battery-powered, mainly used for portable electronic products, driving low-power and medium-power white LEDs; the other is power supply greater than 5, powered by a regulated power supply Or battery-powered, such as step-down, step-down and step-down DC converters; the third is directly from the mains (110V or 220V    according to the power supply voltage, the LED driver can be divided into three categories: one is powered by the battery , Mainly used in portable electronic products to drive low-power and medium-power white light LEDs; the second is the power supply greater than 5, powered by a stabilized power supply or battery, such as step-down, step-down and step-down DC (converter; the third is Directly powered by mains (110V or 220V) or corresponding high-voltage direct current (such as 40~400V), mainly used for camel-driven high-power white light LEDs, such as step-down DC/DC converters.   1, battery-powered drive solution battery The power supply voltage is generally 0.8~1.65V. For low-power lighting devices such as LED displays, this is a common use case. This method is mainly suitable for portable electronic products to drive low-power and medium-power white light LEDs, such as LEDs. Flashlights, LED emergency lights, energy-saving desk lamps, etc. Considering that it may work with a AA battery and the smallest size, the best technical solution is a charge pump boost converter, such as a boost DC Zhuang (converter or step-up (or buck-boost) charge pump converter, a few are drivers that use LDO circuits.   2, the drive scheme with high voltage and dryness and the low voltage power supply scheme with voltage higher than 5 adopts special voltage stabilization Power supply or battery power supply, the voltage value supplied to the LED is always higher than the LED tube voltage drop, that is, it is always greater than 5V, such as 6V, 9V, 12V, 24V or higher. In this case, the power supply is mainly supplied by the stabilized power supply or the battery , Used to drive LED lights. This kind of power supply solution must solve the problem of power supply step-down. Typical applications are solar lawn lights, solar garden lights, motor vehicle lighting systems, etc.    3. Drive solutions that are directly powered by mains or high-voltage direct current This solution is directly powered by mains (100V or 220V) or the corresponding high-voltage direct current, and is mainly used to drive high-power white LED lights. Mains drive is a power supply method with the highest price ratio of LED displays and is popular for LED lighting The development direction of the application.  When using the mains power to drive the LED, it is necessary to solve the problem of voltage reduction and rectification, but also to have a relatively high conversion efficiency, a smaller volume and a lower cost. In addition, the problem of safety isolation should be solved. Considering the power grid The influence of EMI and power factor must also be solved. For medium and low power LEDs, the best circuit structure is an isolated single-ended flyback converter. For high power applications, bridge conversion circuits should be used. For LED drivers, the main challenge is the non-linearity of the touch display. This is mainly reflected in the LE The forward voltage of D will change with current and temperature, and the forward voltage of different LED devices will be different. LED color point will drift with current and temperature, and the LED must work within the range required by the specification to achieve Reliable work. The main function of the LED driver is to limit the current under working conditions, regardless of changes in input conditions and forward voltage.   For the LED drive circuit, in addition to constant current stabilization, there are other key requirements. For example, if you need to perform LED dimming, you need to provide PWM technology, and the typical PWM frequency for LED dimming is 1~3kHz. In addition, the power handling capacity of the LED drive circuit must be sufficient, powerful, able to withstand a variety of fault conditions, and easy to implement. It is worth mentioning that, because the LED is always at the optimum current and will not drift. LED electronic display touch display manufacturer LED full color display
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