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Chinese touch screen manufacturers are strengthening the construction and development of touch screen application platforms

Chinese touch screen manufacturers are strengthening the construction and development of touch screen application platforms


In order to promote the development of touch screen technology and better serve the public, since 2008, China has initiated major special resolutions to support the industrialization of touch screens. The industry has begun to develop rapidly, and the scale of technology and industry has doubled. Among them, the development of touch screens is also complementary to the development of liquid crystal displays.

The combination of touch screens and liquid crystal displays first needs to increase the production capacity of touch screens. China is building a fifth-generation and above-generation touch-screen production line to build a strong production line to meet the needs of industrial development.

The combination of touch screen and liquid crystal display must not only support the production capacity, but also solve the problem of technical support. The LCD built-in touch screen can not only reduce production costs, but also optimize product design and improve product quality. Chinese LCD panel companies are quickly intervening in the design and manufacturing of touch screens, which greatly reduces the cost of touch screens and greatly shortens production time, the quality is maximized, and it becomes a genuine touch screen.

At present, the application of touch technology in small and medium-sized displays has been recognized by the market, and the market will enter a period of rapid development. As a touch screen manufacturer, Top One Tech is seizing this opportunity to drive product upgrades.

Resistive touch screens are suitable for use in small devices such as mobile phones and navigators. Touch screen technology should be used on computer monitors or TVs. The development of capacitive touch screen technology is particularly important. The capacitive touch screen has the characteristics of high light transmittance, durability and support for multi-touch. After several years of development, it has begun mass production and the cost has been reduced.

Judging from the current development trend of touch screens, the application range of touch products will gradually expand from small-size personal touch products, such as mobile phones and digital cameras, to medium and large size, such as industrial computers, all-in-one machines, and more professional touch applications. According to the development trend of touch screens in the past two years, the prospects for the application of touch screens in the TV market have gradually become clear.

However, in addition to the development of related manufacturing industries, the development of the touch industry should also focus on the construction and development of application platforms. The application trend of touch products will gradually expand from small-size personal touch products (such as mobile phones, digital cameras, etc.) to more professional touch applications in medium and large sizes such as POS machines, industrial computers, all-in-ones, gaming consoles, etc. Therefore, in addition to thinking about the integration of the touch screen industry chain, Top One Tech also attaches importance to the software development and raw material development technology of the touch interface.

Since mainland China has a wealth of raw materials, many of which are key materials for touch screens, and can develop independently in processing technology, the touch screen industry is booming without being limited to the import and supply of foreign upstream materials. The integration of the touch screen industry includes application integration, panel integration, IC integration, supply chain integration, technology integration, etc.

At present, in order to further accelerate the innovation and development of the touch screen industry, many manufacturers have achieved domestic integration from equipment to upstream material supply, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing production costs and improving core competitiveness. Top One Tech is a part of them.

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